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BenchMaster (Cadillac)

Order # BMR                  TBO Price $79.95

and functional rest on the market. The steel construction, quality powder coating and
durable cowhide pouch and front rest bags guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction. This
product reduces recoil, protects your firearm and ensures fast, accurate shot group. - 1 1/2
“ Vertical Micro-Adjustment - 3 “quick height” adjustments - 4” adjustable front legs -
Ergonomic tension knob loosens to make adjustments - Real American cowhide front rest
bags and butt stock pouch protect your firearm and provides extra recoil absorption -
Weighs only 9lbs.-easy to carry - Lifetime Warranty - 100% Made in America - Soft, yet
durable leather front bag and stock holder
Recoil Terminator

Order # BMRT                   TBO Price $45.79

The Benchmaster recoil terminator eliminates the kick and holds your rifle rest steady as a
rock. The made in the USA terminator is all steel construction, and powder coated for extra
protection. The adjustments are all galvanized steel so they will not rust. Simply attach the
“C” mechanism to a table and loop the steel hook over the front legs. Made in the USA.
Guaranteed forever.
BM Field Spikes

Order # BMFS                   TBO Price $15.95

Keep your shooting rest steady in rough terrain with the newest innovation from
Benchmaster - Field Spikes. These stainless steel, hardened point spikes will steady your
rest whether you are shooting off the hard pan in West Texas or the loamy soils of the
Mid-West. They are fully reversible with protective caps for safety. Features: - Fully
reversible - Hardened points for sure grip on hard soils - Safety caps to cover the points
when not in use - Stainless Steel for long life - Per 2
Field Bag

Order # BMCB                    TBO Price $29.79

Sturdy, convenient carry bag, with backpack or hand carry options, to bring your
BenchMaster to the field. Made from 500 denier Cordura and reinforced box stitching for
durability. Keep your hands free to carry your other gear as your benchrest sits
comfortably on your back. Room in the bag to fit your hearing protection and other kit.
Suitable for all four BenchMaster models
BenchMaster Shooting