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DeadShot FieldPod

Order #: 488-000              TBO Price: $128.89

Achieve benchrest accuracy when it counts most - in the field. Caldwell is known for
producing rock solid shooting rests; the FieldPod is a highly portable Hunting Rest
that allows you to bring that same stability along on the hunt. Its innovative design
and versatility make it perfect for a variety of hunting applications. Height adjustment
ranges from 20" to 42" ensures your gun can be precisely positioned and supported
whether sitting on the ground or in a chair. Get ideal position and stability for your
shotgun, rifle or crossbow while shooting from a stool inside a ground blind. Improve
predator hunting success with the perfect gun position on every set, minimize
movement, speed up target acquisition and increase effective shooting range. Take
advantage of the portable and stable design on western hunts that frequently offer
long range shot opportunities. Length and pivot point adjustments ensure a perfect
fit and balance for any weapon. Cast aluminum hub provides tension adjustable
rotation and tilting for fast and stable target acquisition. Precision cast aluminum hub
system allows gun to pivot up/down and rotate left/right. Carry strap included. -
Lightweight aluminum construction, weighs just 5 Pounds - Innovative design easily
adjusts to any gun or crossbow, supporting both forend and stock - Quickly collapses
for transportation - Adjusts form 20" high up to 42" - Pivots up/down and rotates
left/right for quick target acquisition - Durable cast aluminum hub for maximum
stability and smooth movement - Great for: Ground Blinds, Predator Calling, Long
Range Rifle Shooting and Turkey Hunting - Enhances success and safety for a
beginner by supporting the weight of a gun and provides that extra stability and
confidence for the experienced shooter to take a long shot. - Dual tube frame is fully
compatibility with detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR
DeadShot ChairPod

Order #: 795234              TBO Price: $225.37

The DeadShot ChairPod by Caldwell is based on the popular FieldPod design and
provides shooters portable benchrest accuracy. The ChairPod eliminates the need to
take a chair and shooting rest separately with you to the field or range and combines
the two with a heavy duty chair with swing arm assembly to support your weapon. This
stable support system will distribute the weight of the weapon evenly and leave your
hands free to use binoculars, calls, or keep them in warm in your pockets.

The multi-bearing swing arm system provides smooth movement to extreme angles
left and right with the chair having the ability to swivel 360 degrees allowing shooters
a full range of shot possibilities. Rubber overmolded front and rear forks on the
upper rest portion will adjust in length to accommodate any firearm or crossbow. The
backpack style straps attached to the seat allow you to easily carry this system to the
ground blind. If you are a hunter who prefers to hunt from the ground or you just
need a stable way to sight in your weapon, the DeadShot FieldPod will allow you to
achieve accuracy you never knew possible.


- Material: Aluminum
- Weight: 15 lbs.
Lead Sled Solo

Order # 101-777         TBO Price $119.99

A smooth pivoting elevation system is controlled with a single knob making
adjustments onto target fast and precise. The heavy duty steel construction provides
a stable and solid shooting platform. Its unique offset frame is designed to
accommodate all rifles including detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR-15
platform as well as lever actions guns. The front support is height adjustable has a
durable rubberized coating that will not scratch or mar your gun. The Lead Sled Solo
has an integrated weight tray that will hold a single 25 pound bag of shot. The
combination of the weight and a heavy duty spring between the frame members all
but eliminates recoil on non-magnum calibers and greatly reduces recoil on all
calibers. A welded steel brace covered with a durable rubber boot secures the butt of
the gun while protecting it from abrasions. A strap integrated into the front support
can be used to easily secure your rifle onto the rest. - Ultra stable design - Great
recoil reducing performance - AR-15/lever action compatible - Heavy Duty steel frame
construction - Durable non-marring support in front and rear - Fast, precise pivoting
elevation system - Gun retention strap included - 25 pound capacity weight tray
Lead Sled Plus

Order # 820-300         TBO Price $161.89

The Original Lead Sled revolutionized the shooting rest market by nearly eliminating
felt recoil from even the heaviest magnum rifles. The Lead Sled Plus is the
next-generation of Lead Sled. Like the Original, the Plus reduces recoil by up to 95%
while securely holding your gun on target. Key improvements include a precision
elevation shaft that eliminates wobble and play in front elevation keeping you
perfectly on target and a new Universal Weight Tray. The unique new tray adjusts to
accommodate a variety of weight types, including 25 pound bar bell weights, sand or
lead shot bags. These improvements along with all the other great features are sure
to continue the legacy of The Lead Sled as the world's finest recoil reducing rest. - Up
to 95% recoil reduction - Ideal for magnum rifles & slug guns - Innovative, adjustable
weight tray slides to accommodate bar bell weights as well as weight bags - Holds two
25 lb. bar bell weights - Holds up to 100lbs. of lead shot - Improved "no wobble"
elevation ram - Fingertip elevation adjustment - Filled front bag included - Padded
rear rest - Non-marring rubber feet - Adjustable height rear foot
Lead Sled FCX

Order # 820-444          TBO Price $443.89

The Fire Control FCX combines the two most innovative rest technologies into the
industries most advanced shooting platform. By incorporating the recoil reduction
benefits of the Lead Sled system along with the groundbreaking performance of the
Fire Control mechanism, ultimate accuracy and comfort come together in one rest.
Lead Sled recoil reduction works by capturing and efficiently transferring recoil
energy from any rifle or shotgun through the frame system to the weights and weight
tray. Effectively eliminating up to 95% of felt recoil not only makes shooting more
enjoyable but it enhances accuracy by preventing flinching and promoting smooth
trigger pulls. The Fire Control mechanism is an advanced rest alignment system that
is actuated by a "joystick" style control arm. The Control Arm can be moved in any
direction to perfectly align the crosshairs and when it is released it holds the rifle in
that exact position. This precision alignment of crosshairs to target allows the
shooter to be perfectly relaxed when pulling the trigger, unlike conventional rests
that require pushing, pulling or leaning into the gun to gain that final bit of alignment.
The rest is engineered and constructed for ultimate stability and durability. The
adjustable length and front cradle height adjustment offer the versatility to
accommodate almost any rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader. - Reduces recoil by up to 95%
- Fast, precise crosshair alignment - Delivers maximum accuracy potential - Adjust
windage and elevation with a single movement - Machined gears and racks for
smooth function - 4" of coarse elevation adjustment at the rest - At 100 yards, the
control arm provides approximately 5 feet of adjustment on target - Overall shooting
rest length is adjustable - Contoured rear support protects gunstock's finish -
Custom-fit weight bag included, just add lead shot or sand
Lead Sled DFT

Order # 336-647           TBO Price $291.58

The Lead Sled DFT (Dual-Frame Technology) provides shooters with the industry's
best recoil reduction system and the versatility to fit virtually any shotgun or rifle, all
built around a precision shooting platform. Whether you are trying to shoot the very
tightest possible groups with your rifle or patterning your favorite shotgun, the Lead
Sled DFT provides an optimal platform for shooting without nasty recoil. Features: -
Dual frame design disperses recoil energy better than the original Lead Sled - Dual
frame alignment system adjusts 22" to fit rifles and shotguns of virtually any size -
Extremely fine windage and elevation adjustments with finger tip control - Improved
weight dispersion through our unique baffle and tray system - Stay in optimal
shooting position by making elevation corrections using the rear elevation collar -
Prevent stock shift between shots with the stock-stabilizer rear bag - Multi-surface
rear foot provides correct contact on all shooting surfaces. Lead Shot Bags sold
LeadSled Weight Bag - Large

Order # 777-800            TBO Price $17.75

These stout bags are designed to be placed in the shot tray of your Lead Sled, Lead
Sled Plus or Lead Sled DFT and conveniently hold lead shot, sand, or other weighted
media. The durable handles make toting your weight bags to the range a snap. -
Dimensions: 7" x 11" x 3" - Large Bag holds approximately 20 pounds of sand and has
a sewn in baffle to maintain shape.
LeadSled Shot Carrier Bag - 4 pack

Order # 533-117            TBO Price $30.89

These stout bags are designed to be placed in the shot tray of your Lead Sled or Lead
Sled DFT and conveniently hold a 25 lb bag of lead shot. The durable handles make
toting lead shot to the range a snap. (Unfilled)
  Caldwell Fire Control Rest
Full-Length Rest

Order # 100-259            TBO Price $362.65

Advanced shooters using today's modern, highly accurate rifles deserve accessories
that deliver precision and control. Caldwell's Fire Control Front Rest delivers both
precision design and manufacturing gives you perfect fingertip control over the
location of your crosshairs when your trigger breaks. No more squeezing, tugging, or
shifting a rear bag – a simple nudge of the control arm and your crosshairs are
perfectly adjusted for windage, mirage, or bag shifts. The glass-smooth internal
mechanisms allow the front bag to move both up and down and left and right with a
single motion to make fine, controllable adjustments to the position of your firearm
while you're squeezing your trigger. The unique front cradle accepts specially
designed bags. Two bags are included – a traditional medium-width bag and a 3" lobe
bag. The rest has three stainless steel adjusting feet, weighs 18 pounds and has an
28" x 9" base. Features: - Machined gears and racks for a silky, precision feel - Tight
manufacturing tolerances - Pointed stainless steel feet for leveling and anchoring
Specifications: - Weighs 18 pounds - Includes two front bags - 28" x 9" Base
Front Rest

Order # 746-884            TBO Price $305.77

Perfect for fingertip control over crosshair placement and unmatched accuracy,
precision and repeatability when sighting-in, load development or competition.
Features glass smooth internal mechanisms that allow the front bag to be moved up,
down, left or right to adjust to windshifts or shot placement. Stainless steel leveling
feet, 50" of downrange adjustment, locking cradle to secure the firearm and bubble
level are some additional features.
  Caldwell Shooting Rests
Stable Table, Synthetic Top

Order #: 252-552                TBO Price: $291.06

The Stable Table is purpose-built to be the finest value-priced shooting bench in the
market. The tripod design is more rigid and has fewer joints than folding-style
benches and is appropriate for a wider variety of shooting conditions and disciplines.
A bolt in the base allows position adjustment of a single leg, aligning the tabletop so
that it is parallel with the horizon. The central shaft, seat and tabletop are able to
pivot around a center axis as a single unit while keeping the tabletop parallel to the
horizon. This allows the user to make shots at any angle from a single setup – ideal
for varmint hunting. Weight limit of 275 lbs. Features: - Perimeter rail that keeps
ammunition from rolling off the bench top - The entire frame is made from welded
steel - The padded seat adjusts from 16" to 22" and rotates in tandem with the
tabletop Specifications: - Weighs 60 pounds - Includes holes that function as handles
- Shooting bench breaks down into seven pieces - 34" x 23" Top
The Stable Table Carry Bag

Order #: 777-810                 TBO Price: $41.81

Stable Table Carry Bag - Carries Caldwell Stable Table conveniently - Heavy-duty
construction - Double layer fabric and padded lower portion - Inner bag for the table
hub included.

Order #: 101-557               TBO Price: $40.85

The 7-Rest is a truly innovative shooting accessory that utilizes a unique design to
deliver exceptional versatility and true value. The asymmetric frame provides great
stability while maximizing length adjustability. By simply loosening the lock knob, the
angle between the two halves of the frame can be adjusted to change the distance
between the front and rear supports. Having the frame offset to the side of the gun
also gives adequate clearance for extended magazines on semi-autos (AR-15), lever
actions and rolling blocks. Another benefit of the frame design is the ability to
reverse it for right or left handed shooting comfort. Fully adjustable overmolded front
and rear supports hold your gun securely while protecting the stock and forend. All
these features rolled into one rest result in a rock-solid, all-in-one shooting base with
plenty of height and length adjustment to accommodate guns of virtually any length.
Folds quickly for easy transport and storage. - Works great with AR-15s and
lever-action rifles - Ambidextrous - folds to accommodate right or left-handed
shooters - Overmolded supports - Folds compact for transport and storage
Specfications: - Weight: Approx. 3 pounds - Length from front to rear support: Approx.
16" to 24" - Width: Approx max 12" - Frame Material: Steel.

Order # 546-889             TBO Price $47.66

The Caldwell Zero-Max Shooting Rest is a full-length metal rest that comes packed
with all of the features that today's shooters demand. This "no frills" full-length rest
offers the shooter a rock solid platform for quick and convenient set-up without the
expense and complexity of other rests. The Zero-Max Shooting Rest has all of the
features that today's shooters demand including: Durable tube steel frame fabrication
Full windage and elevation adjustment Unfilled Medium Varmint front bag included
Micro adjustment for fine windage of elevation corrections Rock-solid shooting base
for rifle and shotgun recoil.
The Steady Rest NXT

Order # 548-664             TBO Price $38.95

The Caldwell Steady Rest NXT Rifle Shooting Rests three-piece design can be used as
a single rifle bench rest, adjusted to fit any length long gun by removing the middle
connector, or use the front rest alone for handguns. Features an adjustable elevation
platform and non-marring material that is gentle to the firearms finish. - Elevation
adjustable platform - Three-piece design allows for adjustment to any length long gun
and also for use with handguns as well - Non-marring finish to protect your guns while

Order # 101-600              TBO Price $57.95

The one rest that does it all. - Ulta rigid 2-piece sliding frame adjusts to fit any gun -
Innovative new spring loaded elevation system allows for fast one handed, no wobble
adjustment - Open central channel accommodate detachable magazines and lever
action guns - Convenient storage compartment lid doubles as a handgun base The
highly versatile Matrix combines great new features and rock solid stability in an
affordable rest. Central tot eh design is the innovative, ultra rigid U-channel frame,
quickly adjusting in length for the perfect fit with any gun while remaining perfectly
stable. The two piece sliding frame incorporates an open central channel with plenty
of clearance for hi-capacity detachable magazines (AR style guns) as well as lever
action guns. A convenient storage area incorporated into the front of the base
features a removable lid that adds additional clearance when detached but also
doubles as a rubberized rear support surface for firing handguns when left in place.
Another key feature is the all new innovative front elevation system. A spring loaded
tension mechanism and height adjustment knob allow for fast, one handed elevation
adjustments, keeping the front cradle wobble free throughout the entire vertical
range. Overmolded front and rear supports protect the guns finish but are firm
enough to prevent any give or play. Shooters will also enjoy the versatility of
converting the Matrix into a compact front rest be removing the rear portion of the
frame. Weather used a s a front rest or as a full length rest the Matrix provides
stability that will deliver maximum accuracy potential. Specifications: - Weight:
Approx.5 pounds - Length: 21.75" to 26.25" - Width: 19" - Frame Material: Synthetic -
Front Cradle Height: 7.5"to 10.5"
The Rock

Order # 383-774               TBO Price $98.17

The best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition is to shoot them
from a solid bench -- with a quality shooting rest. With precise repeatability of shots
as your goal,The Rock Deluxe Front Rest is the right tool for the job. The Rock helps
eliminate the "human factor" in shooting and will help you shoot tighter groups. -
Wide and stable footprint dispersed over 5 1/2 lb. rest - 1" diameter steel post
provides smooth and quick elevation adjustments up to 7 1/4" height - Use the 3
leveling feet to level your rest on most any surface - Forend stop ensures consistent
stock placement from shot-to-shot - Forend cradle is designed to accept all Caldwell
Deluxe Universal Front Rest Bags - Filled Medium Varmint front bag included
The Rock Jr.

Order # 323-225               TBO Price $51.69

Many of the same features as The Rock, but in a sleeker and more economical
package. For sighting-in, test firing, and informal competition, it's tough to beat a
Rock Jr. - Stable, 4 pound cast iron base. 5 pounds total weight. - 3/4" diameter steel
post provides secure and smooth elevation adjustments up to 7 1/4" height - Comes
with interchangeable non-slip rubber feet or metal spike feet - Filled Medium Varmint
front bag included with rest.
Handy Shooting Rest NXT

Order # 574-662               TBO Price $34.95

For sighting-in, target practice, or for informal plinking from the bench, nothing beats
a shooting rest. The low-cost alternative to traditional steel and aluminum rests, the
Handy Shooting Rest is lightweight and easily portable. The durable front bag is
molded ... 2-1/2" of vertical adjustment. Constructed of heavy-duty polymers, this rest
will deliver years of service.
The Pistolero

Order # 562-771               TBO Price $36.95

The Caldwell Pistolero is the ideal handgun shooting rest. By combining 5 inches of
horizontally adjustable hand-support with 3 inches of vertically adjustable
barrel-support, this rest accommodate virtually every size handgun.The front and rear
support feature a non-marring material that is gentle on your firearm yet is firm
enough to provide a stable shooting surface. In addition, the rugged construction of
this rest is virtually impervious to the elements. This combination of versatility,
stability and durability make the Pistolero the number one value in handgun rests.
Specifications: - Base Size: 8.5" wide x 15" long - Front Cradle Height: 7.3" to 11""
from benchtop - Weight: 1.5 lbs
Caldwell Mechanical Support

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