Moultrie A-7i

Order #MCG-12783               TBO Price: $115.08

Moultrie A-7i is simple, effective, and a reliable game camera, equipped with
iNVISIBLE Flash for better nighttime images. Moultrie's most affordable camera
with iNVISIBLE Flash technology, this camera has 50 feet of nighttime flash range
combined with less than 1.5 second trigger speed, you are sure to capture all
the movements of the animals your property calls home. Muti-shot capibility
takes 3 images per trigger and a reduced dectecton delay.

Moultrie A-Series cameras is no more C-Cell batteries. Both Gen2 A-Series
cameras, the A-7i and the A-5, run on 8 AA alkaline or lithium batteries.

The A-7i has all the bells and whistles you need from a game camera, but at a
price you will love too.

Camera Features:

- 7MP Resolution Camera
- Less than 1.5 second trigger speed
- 40 feet of detection range
- 50 feet of nighttime flash range
- 16,000 images per 8 AA batteries. (Use lithium batteries for extended battery
life in harsh weather conditions.)
- iNVISIBLE 940nm IR LED Infrared flash technology
- 640x480 video
M-550 (Gen2) Camera

Order #: MCG-12717          TBO Price: $133.89

Do you want a camera that is simple to use and reliable The Moultrie M-550 Gen2
is our lowest priced mini camera, but still features the same quality, reliabilty,
and ease of use the Moultrie name has always provided. The new case better
protects the key components of the camera from the elements, and allows more
Long Range 850nm IR Infrared LED lights that provide 70 feet of nightitime
range. The new interface make set-up a breeze, so you can spend less time
setting up your camera and more time on the hunt.

Camera Features:

- 8MP Resolution camera
- Less than 1.5 second trigger speed
- 50 feet of detection
- 70 feet of nighttime flash range
- 17,000 images for every 8AA batteries
- 640x480 video

Color: Brown
Moultrie Wingscapes TimelapseCam Pro Camera

Order #: WCT-00121               TBO Price: $139.95

The Moultrie TimelapseCam Pro Camera offers high resolution 10 megapixel
imagery and video recording along with options for setting up long term time
lapse projects. It features a lens capable of focusing from 6" to infinity as well as
a flash system with 24 white LED lights and a range of 40'. This makes it a
capable camera even when used in low-light or other less than ideal conditions.

The weatherproof, lockable housing ensures durability when left outside for
long periods of time. Also, there is a color LCD display for viewing images
directly with the camera. These images are saved to a SD card up to 32 GB in
size. And for operation, this camera uses 6 C-cell alkaline batteries with an
approximate lifetime of 6 months. For mounting the TimelapseCam Pro, a
mounting strap is included for securing to a tree or similar structure.


- 1/4"-20 tripod mounts on bottom and back of camera
- USB out for removing images from camera


- Image Sensor: 10 MP
- File Type: Photo: JPG Video: AVI
- Video Recording: Yes
- Output: USB
- Display: Color LCD display
- Memory Card: SD card up to 32 GB
- Focusing Range: 6" (15.2 cm) to infinity
- Flash: 24 x White LEDs
- Flash Range: 40' (12.2 m)
- Tripod Mount: 2 x 1/4"-20
- Power Source: 6 x C-cell alkaline batteries
M-880 (Gen2) Camera

Order #: MCG-12691             TBO Price: $154.95

The Moultries 880 Generation 2 mini game camera is featured packed with
exceptional night time range all in an exciting new package. The M-880 has
become the workhorse of the Moultrie mini cameras. This camera is reliable to
place all over your managed property, to help track your trophies day or night.
The 100 foot night range capture the nightly movements even from afar. Never
worry about running out of space on your SD card again, managed memory
erases the older images, so your camera is constantly taking images.


- 8MP camera resolution
- Less than 1 second trigger
- 50 feet of detection range
- 100 feet of night time range
- Long range 850nm IR LED infrared
- 13,500 images per 8AA batteries
M-880i (Gen2) Camera

Order #: MCG-12693                TBO Price: $174.89

The M-880i Gen2 takes the already featured packed Moultrie M-880i to a whole
new level. Equipped with iNVISIBLE Flash 940nm LEDs, the M-880i Gen2 is
invisible at night, reducing the risk of spooking the big trophy from your favorite
hunting spot. The Gen2 camera offers the managed memory feature, overwriting
the 32GB SD card (not included) oldest memories, so you never run out of room
again. The image sensor lense has been redesigned that allows increased
resolution and detailed. The M-880i Gen2 will provide any game manager clear
images both day and night.

Camera Features:

- 8MP resolution camera
- Less than 1 second trigger speed so you never miss another great image
- 50 feet of detection range
- 70 feet flash range
- 13,500 images per 8AA batteries
- iNVISIBLE 940nm IR LED infrared flash technology

Color: Mossy Oak Bottomland
M-1100i Camera

Order #: MCG-12635                TBO Price: $218.98

"Invisible" NO GLOW illumination, 2" color preview screen and ultra high-end
image processors will deliver full HD video and superior photos for seasons to
come. The most advanced mini-cam ever. High quality lens and image sensor
ensures sharp, high-resolution daytime photos.


- 12.0 megapixels
- Half-second trigger time
- 50 ft. in detection range
- 80 ft. in flash range
- Up to 10,000 images on one set of batteries
- No-Glow infrared technology


- Color: Camo
- Depth: 3.24"
- Height: 9.48"
- Width: 6"
- Weight: 1.44 lbs
P-150i Moultrie Game Spy Panoramic Game Camera

Order #: MCG-12638               TBO Price: $247.60

Moultries Panoramic 150i is the Black Flash version of the poplular M-150 that
came out in 2013. It revolutionizes game scouting (and security monitoring) with
3 infrared motion sensors that cover a super-wide, 150-degree detection area3
times the area of a typical game camera! The Silent-Slide lens rotates silently to
take photos or videos wherever motion is detected, perfect for a field or open


- 8.0 megapixel infrared panoramic game camera
- Under 1-second trigger speed
- Up to 70-ft night range (Black Flash)
- 3 motion sensors cover super-wide, 150-degree detection angle
- 5 operational modes:
- 150-degree Panoramic camera - IR triggered game camera (Single Image Mode)
- Time-lapse plot camera
- Plot camera by day, motion detect camera at night
- HD video day and night
- Silent-Slide lens rotates wherever motion is detected
- Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images
- Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
- Multi-Shot (13 pics)
- 5/15/30 seconds, 160 minute picture delay
- Password protection
- SD memory card slot up to 32 GB
- Managed Memory erases oldest image when card is full for continuous photo
- 9,000 images on 6 C-cell batteries
- New Moultrie camouflage
- Python cable compatible (cable not included)
- Model MCG-12638
Moultrie Trail Cameras
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