MFK Turkey Calls
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MFK Turkey Diaphragm Calls
Feather Pile Series
Feather Pile-Split V

Order #: featherpilesplitv              TBO Price: $10.00

Super loud and raspy old boss hens sounds.
Feather Pile-Ghost Cut

Order #: fp-ghostcut              TBO Price: $10.00

High pitch kee kees and whines, sweet yelps and hard cutting. This call does it all!!!
Feather Pile-Split V Cutter

Order #: fp-splitvcutter              TBO Price: $10.00

Raspy call with underlying high pitches for producing two-toned yelps, hard and
loud cutting or soft clucks and purrs.
Feather Pile-Batwing Cut

Order #: fp-batwingcut              TBO Price: $10.00

Just the right mix of rasp and high notes makes this call very versatile and capable
of all turkey vocalizations.
Feather Duster-Split V

Order #: fd-splitv              TBO Price: $10.00

This 3 reed, Feather Duster series diaphragm features the always popular
traditional split V cut. A great choice for producing raspy cutts, yelps, clucks, &
purrs of an old boss hen!
Feather Duster-Ghost Cut

Order #: fd-ghostcut              TBO Price: $10.00

This 3 reed combo-cut diaphragm combines the clear notes of a ghost cut with the
raspy tones of the split V, making this call capable of all hen vocalizations.  
Clucks, purrs, whines, cutts, kee-kees, & awesome two toned yelps make this
sweet little diaphragm a favorite of the MFK team.
Feather Duster-Split V Cutter

Order #: fd-splitvcutter              TBO Price: $10.00

Like an aggressive call you can get down on and make him gobble? Then this is
the call for you! This 3 reed split V cutter produces loud, aggressive cutts, yelps,
clucks, & purrs and is great for yanking a gobble out of those tight-lipped
gobblers. Excellent choice for use as a  locator call, but capable of soft sounds
when it's time to close the deal.
Feather Duster-Batwing Cut

Order #: fd-batwingcut              TBO Price: $10.00

This call has just the right mix of rasp and high notes that make it a very versatile
call for all turkey vocalizations.
Turkey Combo Packs
MFK "Turkey" Feather Duster Series Combo Pack

Order #: fd-combopack              TBO Price: $28.00

This popular combo pack combines our 3 most popular Feather Duster Series
turkey diaphragms here at MFK Game Calls for one low price.  You get the
Feather Duster-Split V, Feather Duster-Ghost Cut and Feather Duster-Split V
Cutter and you will have all your bases covered when you step into the turkey
woods this spring.
MFK "Turkey Locator" Combo Pack

Order #: locatorcombopack         TBO Price: $28.00

This combo pack was specially designed for hunters wanting to find that roosting
gobbler early in the morning and also the ones wanting to spark a shock gobble
from a tight-lipped tom late in the day.  The MFK 2-Reed Pup Howler for
producing high pitched coyote howls that work great for locating gobblers.  The
MFK Tie-Cut for making crow vocals which most gobblers can't resist gobbling
at.  Also included is the Feather Duster-Split V Cutter for making aggressive
cutts, yelps, clucks & cackles that an old gobbler just can't resist gobbling at.

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