MTM Case Gard -  Dry Boxes & Utility Boxes
Dry Boxes - Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes

SPUD 1 & 2

Order #: MTMSPUD1       TBO Price: $21.00

Order #: MTMSPUD2       TBO Price: $29.25

No wasted space here. The SPUD 1 & 2 features an 80% usable, top access lid
compartment. The compartment contains five sectioned areas where you can keep
your small items separate and safe. Many features including: water resistant O-Ring
seal; five section lid compartment; full size lift out tray, large comfortable handle;
thick sidewall construction; heavy duty latch; and double padlock tabs.
Stock #        Dimensions
SPUD-1-        15" x 8.8" x 9.4"
SPUD-2-        15" x 8.8" x 13"

Color(s):        Camo (09), Forest Green (11), Orange (35)
Dry Boxes Spud 1 & 2
Dry Boxes - Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes

SPUD 6 & 7

Order #: SPUD-6      TBO Price: $35.24

Order #: SPUD-7      TBO Price: $38.57

Designed for the sportsmen on the move, the SPUD6 features loads of storage
room along with molded-in bungee hook receiver so you can strap it down tight to
anything, from a fishing boat to an ATV.

The SPUD 7's spacious design offers a whopping 2,073 cubic inches of dry storage.
It can carry items up to 14 inches tall. It is also the perfect height (15 inches) for
dove and waterfowl blind hunting and as a chair when using MTM's predator
shooting table. It also comes with a nylon shoulder strap for hands free carrying.
Load one up for the range and then use it for a chair once you get there!

Both the SPUD6 & 7 offers several features including: Water resistant O-ring seal;
top access lid compartment ; deep 2/3 length lift out tray; four Bungee hook
receivers; large comfortable handle; thick sidewall construction; heavy-duty
snapping latches; and double padlock tabs.
Stock #        Dimensions
SPUD-6-        18.5" x 13" x 10"
Color(s):        Wild Camo (09), Black (40)

SPUD-7-        18.5" x 13" x 15.25"
Color(s):        Wild Camo (09), Black (40), Orange (35)
Dry Boxes
Dry Boxes - Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes

Survivor Dry Boxes

Order #: S1072         TBO Price: $9.95

Order #: S1074         TBO Price: $12.99

When faced with adversity, rarely are you given a second chance. You rely on
experience to get to your destination and the right gear to get it done. With its
water resistant O-Ring seal, built-in compass and signaling mirror, MTM Survivor
boxes are designed for extreme environments.

Water and weather resistant, they can be used to carry all types of personal and
safety items such as medicines, first aid kits, flash lights, flares, ammo, wallets,
snacks, rain gear, maps etc. Don't be caught without one—it is your survival kit.

Features: built-in compass, signaling mirror, water resistant, tongue and groove O-
ring design, triple latched for best possible seal, lockable, rugged construction,

Stock #        Dimensions
S1072-        9.8" x 6.8" x 3.0"  (Outside Dim.)
8.2" x 5.0" x 2.6"  (Inside Dim.)
Color(s):        Forest Green (11), Orange (35)

S1074-        9.8" x 6.8" x 4.8" (Outside Dim.)
8.2" x 5.0" x 4.4"  (Inside Dim.)
Color(s):        Forest Green (11), Orange (35)
Survivor - S1072 & S1074
Dry Boxes - Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes

Muzzleloader Dry Box

Order #: ML1-40        TBO Price: $23.61

As all Muzzleloaders know, black powder and powder substitutes must be stored in
a controlled environment to protect them from moisture. That is why MTM designed
the new MuzzleLoader Dry Box - it is the ideal possible bag - box for active muzzle
loading black powder enthusiasts. No matter what the weather, the ML-1's roomy
base interior shuts out moisture problems with a tight, weather resistant, O-ring

A large lift out tray helps to organize gear keeping smaller items on top, not
crushed or buried at the bottom. The 80% usable top access lid compartment
divides specialty tools into five sections for quick retrieval at the range. Thick
side-wall construction, a heavy-duty latch and padlock tabs assure a secure barrier
against uninvited guests. Just the ticket for the active muzzle loader.

Dimensions    15" x 8.5" x 10"
Color(s):        Black (40)
Dry Boxes - Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Boxes

Shotshell Dry Boxes

Order #: SD-100-12-09      TBO Price: $22.95
Order #: SD-100-20-09      TBO Price: $22.95

Popular with waterfowl hunters during the hunting season and a dry box to use in
the off season, the Shotshell Dry Box holds up to 100 shotshells and has two
removable trays. The lid has an O-Ring design for water resistant sealing for those
wet days and is removable for less space used in the hunting blind. It has a
generously proportioned fold down handle and large latch for easy opening and
can be locked.

SD-100-12-09        12 Ga. Up to 3½"
SD-100-20-09        20 Ga. Up to 3"
Color(s):        Wild Camo (09)
Shotshell Box
Sportsmen's Dry Box

Order #: MTMSDB-0-          TBO Price: $19.97

Reliable as ever, MTM Dry Box still get used in 101 different ways. Our Dry Boxes
have severed thousands of people through the years. Hunters organize their gear
by season, boaters use them to hold emergency items along with campers,
equestrians, farmers, EMT's... all find these rugged boxes indispensable for their
outdoor needs.

14" x 7.5" x 9"
Water resistant, crush-proof, O-ring seal
Rugged tongue and groove construction
Large comfortable handle
Heavy duty latch
Thick side wall construction
Colors: Wild Camo (09), Forest Green (11), Orange (35)
Box Color
Sportsmen's Utility Case

Order #: MTMSU4-11            TBO Price: $35.34

Specially designed for the Sportsman, this large case can carry just about any type
of handgun. Items up to three inches thick can be safely sandwiched between a
thick foam pad (which can be used in the top or bottom of the case) for safe and
worry-free transportation. The large, 18.5" x 10.5" lift out tray has two height
positions. The bottom of the case is roomy enough to accommodate all the
shooting gear you'll need at the range. A large handle makes for comfortable
carrying and the locking tab is sized for the standard Master Lock combination lock.
There is even room for a trigger lock (not included).

20.7" x 12.75" x 8.75"
Forest Green
Box Color