Crack Calls/Pure Predator Calls
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Pure Predator Calls
Pure Predator Calls HR-1

Order #: HR-1                     TBO Price: $29.95

The HR-1 is by far the most sought after call on the market.

A call that since its introduction has been the envy of every predator caller who doesn't have

This call sounds like no other, and further more... it sounds nothing like what the last five guys
to call that ridge sound like... A mid to short range call.

This call gives the hunter the ability to keep an attention disorder predator the sounds it needs
to keep it coming right up until you pull the trigger..Poly-Carb design.

Pure Predator Calls DC-1

Order #: DC-1                        TBO Price: $29.95

The DC-1 is a single reed call, designed to do one thing... Reach out, and arouse the primal,
blood thirsty urges of the predator you seek.

Medium range call. Poly-Carb design.

Dark Earth
Pure Predator Calls DC-2

Order #: DC-2                      TBO Price: $29.95

The DC-2 is a double reed distress call tuned to give the horrific sounds of flesh being torn
from bone.

The custom tuning of the call gives a raspy sound which drives the coyotes crazy. Long range
call. Poly-Carb design.

The Pure Predator Calls Line is still in production and are available!
Order Your's Today Before they are all gone!

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