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Brass Butter

Order #: butter              TBO Price: $9.99

Brass butter is a commercial grade case lube that was developed out of
need for a high quality lubricant that would extend the life of individual case

Brass Butter has been used on millions of rounds and continues to perform
at a very high level.

I use the Brass Butter for all my reloading! I have to say, it is the best I have
ever used! I would have to say, it is the best lube on the market!!
Target Series Projectiles (TSP)

Copper Clad Bullets

Match Grade Quality at Plinking Round Pricing!

30 Cal (308)  120 gr. Round Nose (RN) - 250 Round Jar
Order #: 30-250                   TBO Price: $42.00

30 Cal (308)  120 gr. Round Nose (RN) - 500 Round Jar
Order #: 30-500                   TBO Price: $81.00

380 Cal  100 gr. Flat Point (FP) - 500 Round Jar
Order #: 380-500                 TBO Price: $62.50

38 Cal.  158 gr.  Hollow Point (HP)  - 250 Round Jar
Order #: 38-250                    TBO Price: $43.75

9mm    115 gr.  Round Nose (RN)  -  250 Round Jar
Order #: 9RN-250                 TBO Price: $37.50

9mm    115 gr.  Round Nose (RN)  -  500 Round Jar
Order #: 9RN-500                  TBO Price: $62.50

9mm    124 gr.  Hollow Point (HP)  -  250 Round Jar
Order #: 9HP-250                  TBO Price: $39.00

40 Cal.   180 gr.  Flat Point    (FP)  -  250 Round Jar
Order #: 40-250                      TBO Price: $ 51.50

45 Cal.  230 gr. Round Nose  (RN)  -  250 Round Jar
Order #: 45RN-250                 TBO Price: $54.00

45 Cal.  230 gr. Hollow Point   (HP)  -  250 Round Jar
Order #: 45HP-250                 TBO Price: $54.00
TSP Bullets
Rifle & Pistol Bullets
Brass Guys was started by
shooters for shooters.

We enjoy reloading and
shooting just like you and we
are dedicated to providing
you with the highest quality
products in the industry.

We specialize in providing high
quality ready to load
previously fired brass. We
offer our brass by the bag,
jug, drum or truckload to fill
YOUR reloading needs.