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SmartReloader S.B.P. Reloading Press

Order #: VBSR008-4                 TBO Price: $37.65

SmartReloader We are extremely proud to introduce, the SmartReloader S.B.P.,
the Smallest Biggest Press! This “C” frame press, made all of steel (including
the leverage - handle made of aluminum), .8” ram diameter, is the best for
decapping cases, seating bullets and resizing casted bullets. The outstanding
strength allows to even resize rifle cases! The strong and solid frame of this
press does not fear anything! You get a great bargain for an excellent price.

A set of dies will cost you more than the Smallest Biggest Press.

If you think the S.B.P. is good only for light reloading operations, we extend the
Warranty on the S.B.P. to 3 YEARS so you will have all the time to make enough
tests and realize what excellent press you bought! Just go ahead and resize any
case with the S.B.P. As long as it fits the S.B.P. will work!
SmartReloader Omega 800 Reloading Press

Order #: VBSR008-3                 TBO Price: $56.95

This amazing reloading press features a strong steel frame, .8” ram diameter,
and steel leverage, ambidextrous handle, highly technologically designed and
high quality components that will allow the user to reload up to .375H&H!

Accepts standard 7/8” x 14 dies and standard press shellholders on the ram.
Use the Omega 800 as first, second reloading press or carry it to the range!
SmartReloader Mark XVI Reloading Press

Order #: VBSR008                 TBO Price: $133.95

Heavy steel (14.5lb) single stage press, 1” ram diameter, ambidextrous, 2 primer
arms (Large&Small) and 1 spent primer collection tube included (spent primers
are collected from the bottom of the ram).

Can reload up to 50BMG (1-1/4”-12 threaded dies) by removing the installed

The 7/8 ­ 14 thread on the installed bushing allows to install all the regular dies
in the market.
SmartReloader Omega 800 Pro Kit

Order #: VBSR008-31              TBO Price: $223.59

This amazing reloading press features a strong steel frame, .8” ram diameter,
and steel leverage, ambidextrous handle, highly technologically designed and
high quality components that will allow the user to reload up to .375H&H!
Accepts standard 7/8” x 14 dies and standard press shellholders on the ram.
Use the Omega 800 as first, second reloading press or carry it to the range!

Also includes:

- Hand Priming Tool
- Case Lube Pad
- Bullet Puller
- Digital Scale
- Powder Funnel
- Baby Powder Trickler
- Dream Tumbler
Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Loader

Order #: 085001               TBO Price: $173.95

Single stage reloading has never been simpler with Hornady's Lock-n-Load
Classic loader. Instead of screwing dies in, the Lock-N-Load system lets you
change dies with just a simple twist. Die settings remain firm, and the die is held
perfectly solid in the loader. The Lock-N-Load Classic is designed to make
reloading quicker and give you the precision to create perfect, consistent
loads, round after round. It's classic Hornady precision reloading with
productivity that's better than ever.

1. Lock-N-Load Bushing System. Load and unload dies with a simple twist of the
Lock-N-Load die bushing. The positive locking action holds dies perfectly-
aligned and rock-solid. This makes the Lock-N-Load Classic the fastest single
action press ever.

2. Automatic Primer Feed (Not included)

3. Easy-Grip Handle. Uses the popular ball-type grip that's easier to use and
reduces fatigue.

4. Super-Strong Angled Frame. This logical development provides the rigidity of
the O-style frame with a 30° angle that gives the loader greater visibility and
access to work. Guaranteed to never fail.

5. PPS (Positive Priming System). Automatically feeds the primer through the
center hold of the shell holder, aligning it with the primer pocket in the case.
The primer is then seated at the bottom of the stroke. Primer arm comes with
two sizes of interchangeable cups that can be removed when not needed.

6. Power-Pac Linkage. This unique design actually multiplies and accelerates the
leverage you apply to the handle. Solid-steel arms rotate on steel pins that run
completely through the cast frame.

7. Computer-Aided/Driven Manufacturing. Hornady machines the die and ram
openings using advanced, CNC machining to assure precision alignment of the
ram and the die. The case is perfectly aligned with the die whether you are
depriming, sizing or seating bullets.

Each Lock-N-Load Classic press comes with Primer Catcher and three
Lock-N-Load die bushings. Dies and shell holders are sold separately.
Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Kit

Order #: 085003                 TBO Price: $387.98

Just getting started in hand loading? There's no need to search for equipment
or worry about what you're missing when you choose the Hornady Lock-N-Load
Classic Reloading Kit. It comes with everything you need to turn out
high-quality, accurate handloads, right from the start.


Lock-N-Load classic single stage press
Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
Digital scale
The 7th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading
Three Lock-N-Load die bushings
Primer catcher
Positive priming system
Automatic primer feed
Universal reloading block
Chamfering and deburring tool
Primer turning plate
One Shot Case Lube

Order #: 7726300                 TBO Price: $168.99

The Crusher II is the ideal press for reloading both rifle and pistol cartridges. The
Crusher starts with a 1" diameter ram, compound linkage and a 4 1/2" press opening,
which makes even the largest magnum cartridges easy to load. Its classic "O" frame
design takes all standard 7/8" x 14 dies. The Crusher II is equipped with hardened and
ground linkage pins and retaining rings for a smooth and tight operation. The new base
design has 14 square inches of "machined flat" surface area with 3 mounting bolt holes
(vs. 2 slots for Rock ChuckerT) for perfect rigid mounting. Unlike competitive models, the
Crusher's ball handle mounts for either right or left-handed operation.

The Crusher looks even better with its durable "silver hammertone" powder coat finish
and non-rust handle and links. Like its predecessor, the famous "Orange Crusher", the
Crusher II measures up in every way to the best presses made anywhere, only now, it's
- Durable "Silver Hammertone" Powder Coat Finish
- Base Design is "Machined Flat" for Perfect Mounting to Wood or Metal Bench
- Large 1 ½" Frame Opening
- Non-Rust Handle & Links
- Right or Left Hand Operation
UPS 2545
RCBS Reloader Special 5 Press

Order #: 09285                  TBO Price: $179.90

This press is the latest in the popular line of RCBS Reloader Special presses. It
features a more comfortable ball handle and a primer arm that lets you prime
cases at the same time you resize.


- Compound leverage system
- Solid aluminum block "O" frame, offset for unobstructed access
- Corrosion-resistant baked powder finish
- Spent primers eject through side of ram into catcher
- Easily upgraded to progressive reloading with an optional Piggyback II
conversion unit
- 1-1/4" x 12 thread for shotshell die kits and Piggyback II
- 7/8" x 14 thread adapter for all standard reloading dies and accessories.
RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press

Order #: 09356                 TBO Price: $215.95

Rock Chucker Supreme Press The most popular reloading press just got better.
The Rock Chucker Supreme press has been lengthened to allow easy leading
of today's longer cartridge designs and renamed the Rock Chucker Supreme.
With the same easy operation, ambidextrous handle, outstanding strength and
versatility, a Rock Chucker Supreme is ideal for beginner and pro alike. It can
also be upgraded to a progressive loader with an addition of a Piggyback 4.


- The Rock Chucker Supreme was created with today's longer cartridges in
mind. The window opening has been increased to over 4" to accommodate
large magnum cartridges.
- Ambidextrous handle placement
- "O" frame design
- Positive spent primer retention
- Compound leverage
- Cast iron construction.
- Durable powder coat finish
- Dies and shell holder not included.
RCBS Partner Press Reloading Kit

Order #: 87467                 TBO Price: $254.95

The Partner™ Press anchors this excellent starter kit. Big onperformance, small
on price, the Partner is the ideal entry-levelpress. Here it's coupled with some
of the finest “basic” reloadingtools you'll find anywhere. All RCBS reloading kits
have beenupdated to include the Universal Case Loading Block, .17-.60 Debur
Tool and the Accessory Handle—2


- Partner Press
- RC-130® Reloading Scale
- Case Lube Pad
- Case Lube—2
- Universal Case Load Block
- Case Neck Brushes
- .17-.60 Debur Tool
- Accessory Handle—2
- Powder Funnel
- Speer® Reloading Manual
RCBS Ammomaster 2

Order #: 88703                    TBO Price: $368.98

The AmmoMaster 2 press makes reloading the 50 BMG a simple task. It is
manufactured to accept standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies with the included
adaptor and the larger 1-1/2"-12 threaded dies with the adaptor removed. It
features long support columns and a massive 1" solid steel ram to provide the
strength needed to handle the large cartridge.


- Material: Cast Aluminum
- Ram Stroke: 6-3/4"
- Priming Feature: Ram Prime Unit, included*
- Number of Mounting Holes: 3
- Mounting Hardware Not Included
- Accepts all standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies with the included adaptor and
standard shell holders
- Spent primer catcher included
- For use with 50 caliber dies, conversion kit product number 292459 is required

*All of the 50 BMG accessories are not included, and are sold separately.
RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

Order #: 09361                 TBO Price: $419.95

RCBS has taken the new benchmark of single stage presses and surrounded it
with the equipment you need (except dies and shell holders) to start loading
like a pro.

A simple solution for the beginner and pro alike, it is easily upgraded to
progressive operation with the optional Piggyback™—4. All RCBS reloading kits
have been updated to include the Universal Case Loading Block, 17-.60 Debur

Tool and the Accessory Handle—2.Contents:

- Rock Chucker Supreme Press
- Model 5-0-5 Reloading Scale
- Uniflow™ Powder Measure
- Hand Priming Tool
- Universal Case Load Block
- .17-.60 Debur Tool
- Hex Key Set
- Case Lube Kit
- Powder Funnel
- Speer® Reloading Manual
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