TBO Outlaw Sling Add-On's:
Rifle Shell Loops, Shotgun Shell, Hand Call Loops, D-Rings, Molle' Loops, Sternum Strap.
As you can see here in the photo, I have added shell loops to The Outlaw Sling.

You can have rows of two like you want. You can have one row on each side, or 2 rows one side, well
you get the idea.

Below is a Paypal order button, make your selection and click.

Heres how it will break down:

ATTENTION: When Ordering Shell Loops, Please let us know what size cartridge you are wanting the
loops to fit. Please use the instructions window on the Paypal order page to let us know the size

TBO1009SL Shell Loops:
One Row - Of Two Shells                $2.50
Two Rows - Of Two Shells              $3.50
Three Rows  -                                   $4.50
Four Rows -                                      $5.50

TBO1009DR D-Rings:
1 – D-Ring                                         $3.00
2 – D-Rings                                       $4.50
3 - D-Rings                                        $6.00
4 - D-Rings                                        $7.50

TBO1009ML Molle’ Loops
1 loop                                                $2.00
2 loops                                              $3.00
3 loops                                              $4.00
4 loops                                              $5.00
5 loops                                              $6.00
6 loops                                              $7.00
Sternum Strap
Hand Call Loops
Molle Loops
Shell Loops
TBO1009HC Hand Call Loops:
1 Hand Call Loops                            $2.50
2 Hand Call Loops                            $3.50
3 Hand Call Loops                            $4.50
4 Hand Call Loops                           $5.50

TBO1009STS  Sternum Strap
OD Green, Black, Brown, Coyote Tan, Orange   
Camo                                            $11.50
White                                            $11.50
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May 25 2010
Added TBO Decals

May 2010
The Snow White
Outlaw & the Deer
Hunter Outlaw

February 24, 2010
Added Swivel
Instructions Page
& Menu Button.

February 1, 2010
Gift Certificates

December 6, 2009
New TBO ProStaff
Matt Watson!
Matt Welcome to
the TBO ProStaff
Read His Bio at the
ProStaff Page

New Product:
Nov 4, 2009
Added Shooters
Ridge Sling Swivels.

Nov 3, 2009
Added the New
Turkey Handle.

Nov 2, 2009
The All New TBO
Double Handle Drag
Check them out on
the Products Page.

July 30, 2009
Please Welcome
Brendan LoCicero
our first ProStaff.
See his Picture &
Read his Biography
on the ProStaff

July 24, 2009
Check out the
"Products Review"
Page. We have added
new customer
reviews and
testimonies. See
what our customers
are saying about our
products. It is a good

June 18, 2009
Added New Pictures
of Brendan & Charlie
using The Outlaw
Sling and TBO Game
Carriers and Wrist

June 3, 2009
Wrist Drags and
Game Carriers added
to line of products.

March 13, 2009
Announcing a new
add-on to the Outlaw
Sling - Shell Loops!  
You can have them
on either side or both
sides - 2, 4, 6, 8
loops, your
preference. Just let
me know when
ordering what you

October 5, 2008
TBO Has added New
Colors to our line.

August 26, 2008
Announcing the
Camouflage eCaller

Coming Soon:
The Camo Outlaw
Read our
announcements on
the bottom of the
Products Page

August 5, 2008
New Pictures
Added Pictures of a
Jenn using The
Outlaw Sling in the
Photo Gallery

August 4, 2008
New Pictures
Received Today.
These Pictures are
of  Jenn the wife of
 Lungbuster. Jenn
is carrying her rifle
on the Outlaw
Sling.  A short
video has also be

July 31, 2008
Coming Soon!
The Outlaw eCaller
Sling for FoxPro
and Minaska  

July 17, 2008
Quick Releases

July 15, 2008
We are still offering
FREE shipping until
further notice.

July 15, 2008
The Outlaw & The AR
For all of you that are
interested in using
The Outlaw Sling with
your AR Rifle, We
have placed pictures
on the Photo Gallery
Page for you to check
The Pictures were
taken and modeled
by Sean Willis of the
Predator Masters
Forums. He has his
rifle in an upright
(barrel-up) position,
and in the
barrel-down position.

July 7, 2008
Mail Order Form
TBO Gift Certificates
TBO Gift Certificates are available in
whatever amount you would like.
Amounts of: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150,
$200, $250, $300, $350, $400 dollars.
For amounts over $400.00, please
contact us.
TBO1000GC Gift Certificate
TBO Calf Strap Knife Sheath
Calf Strap Knife Sheath.

Want to carry a sheath knife, but not on your belt. Now you can with the Calf Strap Knife Sheath. The CSKS
buckles around the calf of your leg. From just below the knee, and below the calf muscle. It has 2 straps,
one at the top of the sheath and one at the bottom of the sheath, both straps have single adjust quick
release buckles, so that you can adjust the tension to hold the sheath in place on your leg, but still be
comfortable to wear, and walk without problem and comfortably.
TBO1016CSKS Calf Strap Sheath - $24.99 Green, Black, Brown.
TBO1016CSKS Calf Strap Sheath - $27.99 Camouflage
Calf Strap Sheath
TBO Knife Sheath
TBO1015KS - TBO Knife Sheath
Price is: Green, Black, Brown $15.99 - Camo $18.99 - up to 6 inch blade; add
one dollar per inch, over 6 inches.
For Custom Sizes Please Contact Us for a Price.
Made to fit your knife. Just give me the dimensions of your knife when you order. This sheath is made
from 2 inch webbing.
The Sheath will hang from your belt in the standard vertical position or you can wear it horizontally on
your belt. Fits up to a 1 3/4 inch belt horizontally or vertically up to a 3 inch belt.
The sheath is lined to prevent cutting of the webbing or the stitching thread.
TBO Knife Sheath
TBO Long Handle Turkey Tote
Hey Turkey Hunters!!!!
We are introducing a new "TBO Long Handle Turkey
An ergonomically comfortable tote, so that your arm
and hand will not get cramped up or go to sleep while
carrying your bird.
I will be posting pictures soon - and the website will be
updated so that you can place an order.

TBO1013TTG         OD Green        $10.50
TBO1013TTB          Black               $10.50
TBO1013TTBR        Brown             $10.50
TBO1013TTC           Camo              $12.50
TBO Long Handle Turkey Tote
TBO Turkey Handle
I have made a product for all you Turkey Hunters out there!
The Turkey Handle, was made to make carrying your downed birds out of the field more comfortable.
Less hand fatigue, and shoulder discomfort from the hard legs of the bird.
The Turkey Handle is 14 inches over all length. The handle is 8.5 inches and the nooses are 5.5 inches
It was designed to carry a turkey by the legs over the shoulder.

It is the new TBO Turkey Handle.
TBO1013THG        OD Green     $7.50
TBO1013THB        Black             $7.50
TBO1013THBR      Brown           $7.50
TBO1013THC        Camo             $8.50
TBO Turkey Handle
TBO Skinning Grapple
Do you ever have an occasion when you are in the field, have fur on the ground, and you would rather
skin it out in the field, than to carry the whole critter back to the truck, and your skinning grapple is back
at home, only because it is to big, bulky and weighs to much to carry in the field. If so, here is a solution.
NOW! The TBO Pocket Skinning Grapple will go right with you in a small package. Throw it into your
pocket, vest, or pack, it weighs very little, and you are ready to skin that animal as you please.
It is simple to use. It was made to use on a tree trunk, overhead tree branch, telephone pole, fence
corner post, you name it.
Simply wrap the strap around the tree, slide the noose end through the loop end, and push up as high
as you can reach and pull tight, place an animal hind leg through the noose and you are ready to start
skinning. The weight of the animal and the tension that you are exerting, will hold the strap tight to the

OD Green        $ 9.99
Black                $ 9.99
Brown               $ 9.99
Camo                $11.99
TBO Skinning Grapple
TBO Outlaw Sidekick!
Because Every Outlaw Needs a Sidekick!
TBO Outlaw Sidekick is the Little Brother to the Outlaw Sling.
It is a single shoulder rifle sling.

Due to inquiry and orders; We have added a traditional rifle
single shoulder sling to our line up.

A quality traditional single shoulder sling, made in the style of
the Outlaw Sling.

Here in the picture, you will see that we have adapted God's
Country Late Season Camouflage to the sling, this being a
special order. We also have Early Season, and Snow Camo.

The God's Country Camo price is: $27.99 with the sling
swivels attached or sewn.

We also make them in the regular colors; OD Green, Black,
Brown, White, Orange, and Camo.
Price includes swivels attached or sewn.
TBO1010SKGCLS        Late Season        $27.99
TBO1010SKGCES        Early Season       $27.99
TBO1010SKGCSC        Snow Camo         $27.99
TBO1010SKG               OD Green            $25.99
TBO1010SKB                Black                   $25.99
TBO1010SKBR             Brown                  $25.99
TBO1010SKCT              Coyote Tan         $25.99
TBO1010SKC                Camo                   $27.99
TBO1010SKSW             Snow White        $27.99
TBO1010SKHO             Hunter Orange   $27.99
Outlaw Sidekick
TBO Game Carriers
We are now making game carriers. They are available with 2 nooses, or 4 nooses.
You may also order them with neoprene padding, or without! It is your choice.  
2 Nooses - With Neoprene
TBO1008G2N   OD Green                  $10.50 each
TBO1008B2N   Black                          $10.50 each
TBO1008BR2N Brown                        $10.50 each
TBO1008C2N   Woodland Camo       $11.50 each
2 Nooses - Without Neoprene
TBO1008G2   OD Green                  $8.50 each
TBO1008B2   Black                          $8.50 each
TBO1008BR2 Brown                        $8.50 each
TBO1008C2   Woodland Camo       $9.50 each
4 Nooses - With Neoprene
TBO1008G4N   OD Green                  $11.50 each
TBO1008B4N   Black                          $11.50 each
TBO1008BR4N Brown                        $11.50 each
TBO1008C4N   Woodland Camo       $12.50 each
4 Nooses - Without Neoprene
TBO1008G4   OD Green                  $10.50 each
TBO1008B4   Black                          $10.50 each
TBO1008BR4 Brown                        $10.50 each
TBO1008C4   Woodland Camo       $11.50 each
TBO Game Carriers with neoprene
TBO Game Carriers wo/neoprene
TBO Double Handle Drag
TBO Double Handle Drags - 2

TBO1007G2H   OD Green     $11.99
TBO1007B2H    Black            $11.99
TBO1007BR2H  Brown          $11.99
TBO1007C2H    Camo            $13.99
Here they are! The New TBO Double Handle Drags.
I had a customer ask me to make him a double handle drag. So here
it is. Now it will be easier to drag those deer or any larger game
animal out of the wood or fields, by using both hands.
TBO Double Handle Drags
TBO Wrist Drags
Our wrist drags are made from 1 inch webbing - tensile strength of 900 psi - with a 5 1/2 foot
paracord with a noose.
The wrist drag is triple stitched to guarantee that it doesn't pull out or come apart under a load.
TBO1007G  OD Green                     $7.50 each
TBO1007B   Black                            $7.50 each
TBO1007BR Brown                          $7.50 each
TBO1007C  Woodland Camo          $8.50 each
+ shipping
TBO Single Handle Drags
TBO Outlaw eCaller Sling Battery Basket
Now carry your 12, 9 or 6 volt sealed lead acid battery with you
on your Outlaw eCaller Sling. A basket built to fit your external
battery, that quick releases right on the Outlaw eCaller Sling
with your favorite eCaller all in one neat package.

The basket features: a carry handle, and a tie-down strap w/
velcro fastener (top center strap)

Because of the nature of the differences in the sizes of most
batteries, these will be on a special order basis, for the time
being. Please Allow 5 working days lead time.

When you order your Outlaw eCaller Sling/Battery Basket
Combo, give us the dimensions of your battery and we will build
it for you.
Battery Basket
TBO1006G           OD Green                $17.99
TBO1006B           Black                        $17.99
TBO1006BR         Brown                      $17.99
TBO1006C           Woodland Camo     $20.00
The Dawgbuster Sniper Sling
The Dawgbuster Sniper Sling (DSS) is a hands free sling; for those of you that spot and stalk your
quarry. As you can see here, kirby is on his hands and knees crawling, he has control of his rifle, and
he is not worrying about it sliding off his back while he is on all fours, and doesn't have to crawl, using
just one hand, while the other is securing his rifle on his back.
TBO1005G  OD Green                        $40.00
TBO1005B  Black                                $40.00
TBO1005BR Brown                             $40.00
TBO1005C  Woodland Camo              $44.00
+ shipping
Dawgbuster Sniper Sling
The Outlaw eCaller Sling Yokes
Now you can purchase
extra wraps for all of
your eCallers.  
TBO1004G  OD Green                $11.99 ea.
TBO1004B   Black                       $11.99 ea.
TBO1004BR Brown                     $11.99 ea.
TBO1004C    Woodland Camo    $13.99 ea.  
+ shipping
Outlaw eCaller Wraps
The Outlaw eCaller Sling
The Outlaw eCaller Sling can be used with FoxPro, Minaska Big Country Bandit,
Western Rivers, and others.
For all you Videographers, the outlaw eCaller sling adapts nicely to your video
The Outlaw eCaller Sling is adjustable for length, and has quick releases, so that
you can remove it quickly or to just remove the sling from the unit. It has a 21/4
inch padded strap for comfort while carrying your caller.
TBO1003G   OD Green                             $27.99
TBO1003B   Black                                     $27.99
TBO1003BR Brown                                   $27.99
TBO1003CT  Coyote Tan                          $27.99
TBO1003C    Woodland Camo                 $33.99
Outlaw eCaller Sling
The Outlaw Quick Release Buckles
TBO1002G    OD Green   $7.95                TBO1002B     Black                     $7.95
TBO1002BR  Brown         $7.95                TBO1002CT   Coyote Tan           $7.95
TBO1002W    White          $7.95                TBO1002HO  Hunter Orange     $7.95
TBO1002C     Camo
+ shipping
The Quick Release is the perfect solution for the hunter or shooter that
desires to remove their sling quickly with just a flick of the wrist.
It is also ideal for those AR rifles with the permanent butt stock sling
attachment, allowing them to remove the sling without a hassle.
Outlaw Quick Releases
Click Here for Sling Swivel
Attachment Instructions.
The QR Outlaw Sling
The New Model Outlaw Sling QR.
The Strap Adjustment Buckle has been
replaced with a Quick Release Buckle.
This change was made to help you get
out of the sling much faster.
With the QR Buckle, you can drop the
strap on your off hand side leaving the
sling in a single shoulder configuration
for a quick off the shoulder shot.
TBO1001QRG    - Green             $39.99
TBO1001QRB    - Black               $39.99
TBO1001QRBR  - Brown             $39.99
TBO1001QRCT  - Coyote Tan     $39.99  
TBO1001QRC    - Camo               $42.50

God's Country Camouflage
TBO1001QRES  - Early Season  $45.00
TBO1001QRLS  - Late Season   $45.00
TBO1001QRAS  - Avalanche      $45.00
QR Outlaw Sling
The Snow White Outlaw
The Snow White Outlaw!

Made for those predator & big game hunters that hunt in the

Blend in better while hunting with snow on the ground, the
Snow White Outlaw will help you blend in.

The buckles are white, the neoprene has a white front with a  
black back.

TBO1001SW  - Snow White Outlaw - $38.00

The QR (Quick Release) Snow White Outlaw:
TBO1001QRSW - QR Snow White Outlaw - $42.00
Snow White Outlaw
The Deer Hunter Outlaw Sling
The "Deer Hunter" Outlaw Sling -

Made for the Big Game Hunter that are required to wear Safety
Orange while hunting.

The "Big Game" Outlaw Sling is made from Hunters Safety
Orange Webbing, with black buckles and neoprene.

TBO1001DH  -  Hunters Orange  -  $38.00

The QR (Quick Release) Deer Hunter Outlaw Sling:
TBO1001QRDH  -  Hunters Orange  -  $42.00
Deer Hunter Outlaw
The Original Outlaw Sling
The Outlaw Sling
The Outlaw Sling prices are:
TBO1001G    OD Green               $34.00
TBO1001B    Black                       $34.00
TBO1001BR  Brown                     $34.00
TBO1001CT  Coyote Tan             $34.00
TBO1001WC Woodland Camo    $37.50

God's Country Camouflage
TBO1001GCES Early Season      $40.00
TBO1001GCLS Late Season       $40.00
TBO1001GCSC Snow Camo        $40.00
Plus shipping.
We "Guarantee the Craftsmanship"
of the Outlaw Sling for one (1) year
from the date of purchase.
Please expect 7 to 10 days after we receive your order, for
your order to be processed & shipped.
Outlaw Sling
Click Here for Sling Swivel Attachment Instructions.
Changing The Way You Carry Your Firearms!
TBO Decals
Available in 2 Colors -
Black Vinyl & White Vinyl
Dimensions 13" long x 3" tall
Cost is $8.00 each or $14.00 a pair
Shooters Ridge Sling Swivels
Shooters Ridge Sling Lok Quick-Detachable Sling
Swivels 1" Black - Package of 2
TBO1014SRSS  $9.00 - Loose or Attached w/slide
TBO1014SRSS  $10.00 - Sewn On
When ordering, please indicate if  you would like them
attached or not. Please indicate loose, sewn on, or just
attached with the slide, so that you can remove at a later time.
Shooters Ridge Sling Swivels
Uncle Mike's Super Sling Swivels
Uncle Mike's Super Swivels - Quick-Detachable
Sling Swivels 1" Black - Package of 2
TBO1014UMSS  $9.00 - Loose or Attached w/slide
TBO1014UMSS  $10.00 - Sewn On
When ordering, please indicate loose, sewn on, or just attached
with the slide, so that you can remove at a later time.
Uncle Mikes Sling Swivels
Uncle Mike's Push Button Flush Mount Swivels
Uncle Mike's Push Button Flush Mount Swivels

H&K & AICS Stock Sling Attachments
Snap Gate Hook Sling Attachments

for H&K & AICS Type attachment points.

TBO1014HKH          $20.00 per set