Team TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff Nick Hylton
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I am a native Idahoan, born in Council.

I grew up in a hunting family, partly because my family the

I have always had a passion for being outdoors and
hunting and fishing are my preferred activities. I have
guided fly fishermen and big game hunters in both Idaho
and Wyoming.

I have hunted extensively around our great nation,
taking moose, elk, deer, antelope, caribou, exotics,
turkeys and of course lots of predators.

Coyotes are my "preferred"  varmint species (whistle
pigs run a close second) and I have spent a lot of time
learning about and hunting them. I am mainly a hand
caller and seldom use the new electronic calls although I
do own some.

Although my favorite big game cartridge is the 25-06, the
223 is my favorite predator caliber and has been for
I am married to my best (and very tolerant) friend
Cindy, and we have two great daughters , Kelsey and
Kylee. I am the Senior Pastor at the Weiser Christian
Church in Weiser, Idaho.

I am a life member of the North American Hunting
Club. In 1992, I was voted "Guide of the Year" by the
Jackson Hole Outfitters association.

I was a representative at two of the "Wildlife
Congresses" held by  Governor Cecil Andrus during
his second stint as governor 1987-95.

In 1983, I won the Sunset Sports  "big buck" contest in
Lewiston, Idaho with a 32.5 inch 5x7 non typical mule

In 2005, my team won the "Eldorado Ditch Rat Shoot"
(a whistle pig hunt) in Unity, Oregon.  

In 2012, my brother Tim and I won the Second Annual
Idaho Coyote Classic held by Idaho Varmint Hunters.