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The Glory Shot!!! Doing a little Advertising - Notice the GSPHA Sticker with
blood on it! Cool!!! LOL! Blood on the FX3, and Binoculars. Also notice the Outlaw eCaller Sling on the FX3.

This is Brendan with his coyote!

Predator Sniper Stix in the foreground.

Friday Night Brendan44 called and invited me to go calling with him. I was in real need of getting out of the
house and have a break from My Business & the Club Business - sitting in front of the computer too much.

So I told Brendan that I would really like to go.

This morning started at 4AM and I was at his house at 5:45AM. We loaded up and off we went, to check out
some new calling country for me.

As it began to get light, we were driving down a dirt road, I was looking for volunteers, but didn't see any.
Brendan told me that the first place we were going to try was just up the road, well the adrenaline began to
flow. We arrive at the spot, and Brendan begins to explain the layout, and what we were going to do.

He told me that we were going to walk about 400 yards, over the top of a hill and we will come to a gully
with a creek in the bottom. We walked to the gully and found a big sage brush just below the crest of the
hill, with the sun at our backs, there was a slight breeze, blowing cross wind from east to west, we were

Brendan chose his spot and I walked about 10 yards to the west, and sat down. We sat for about 5-6
minutes, when I heard a single howl come from the east of Brendan, then 30 seconds later the whole group
started howling, just after they started howling, Brendan turned on his Foxpro FX3 jack rabbit, the coyotes
just got louder, and howled as long as the rabbit distress was playing, about 3 mins in they just shut up.
Then Brendan switched the call to pup distress, and the coyotes went to howling again, but were moving
away from us. Brendan changed to a Challenge Howl, the coyotes still howling but now were moving back
toward us.

I was watching with my binoculars at the location that the howling was coming from, all of a sudden I see
them coming from way up the gully, they come around the toe of the far ridge, across the hill side running
full out. Those coyote stood out against the dark background like someone was shining a spotlight on
them. The coyote ran to a spot about 500 yards out and sat down on the hill side, so I began to lip squeak,
to try to get them to come in closer, but apparently they couldn't hear me, because Brendan said that he
could hear me either. So I pulled out the old Olt Closed Reed call and started to throw some blood down
range, well it worked, it was again a mad dash, all three coyote came down the hill, they had to cross a
small dip, when they got into the dip I poured on the blood again, they came out of the dip, with the after
burners on, they wanted that rabbit that the interloper had caught, and they were going to kick some tail.

At the bottom of the hill in front of us was a creek with walls that were about 6 feet tall and were straight up
and down. I was thinking, that I could coax them as far as the edge of the gully and they would stop, guess
what, they stopped about no more that 10 yards from the edge.

I was watching one that I couldn't see in the sage brush, just as he stepped out for a clear shot, he was
facing me, because I guess he heard my lip squeaks, so I had a frontal chest shot, I put the crosshairs on
him, begin to squeeze the trigger I hear Brendan's rifle sound and I see the coyote in my scope drop like a
rock, so I pulled over on the other coyote, which is now going the other direction, then stops behind a
sagebrush, he turns around and goes back toward his fallen comrade, I squeezed the trigger, heard the
bullet smack, and the coyote let out a short yelp, and I watched the coyote sit on it's behind, and fall over.

We got a double! 2 out of 3. Thats not bad!
Brendan said the 3rd coyote went straight away north and over the hill. He didn't see the one that I had
shot, and thought that I had shot at the runner and had missed. But that was not the case.

Gary with his coyote! And his Outlaw Sling on his back!

The Bloody Shot - Brendan covered with blood - sign of a true hunter!

Brendan, Thank You for inviting me to go calling with you. I had a great time, and hope to do more calling
with you soon.

Timber Butte
News and Updates
July 30, 2009
Please Welcome
Brendan LoCicero
our first ProStaff. See
his Picture & Read his
Biography on the
ProStaff page.

June 18, 2009
Added New Pictures
of Brendan & Charlie
using The Outlaw
Sling and TBO Game
Carriers and Wrist

June 3, 2009
Wrist Drags and
Game Carriers added
to line of products.

March 13, 2009
Announcing a new
add-on to the Outlaw
Sling - Shell Loops!  
You can have them
on either side or both
sides - 2, 4, 6, 8 loops,
your preference. Just
let me know when
ordering what you

October 5, 2008
TBO Has added New
Colors to our line.

August 26, 2008
Announcing the
Camouflage eCaller

Coming Soon:
The Camo Outlaw
Read our
announcements on
the bottom of the
Products Page

August 5, 2008
New Pictures
Added Pictures of a
Jenn using The
Outlaw Sling in the
Photo Gallery

August 4, 2008
New Pictures
Received Today.
These Pictures are
of  Jenn the wife
of  Lungbuster.
Jenn is carrying
her rifle on the
Outlaw Sling.  A
short video has
also be included.

July 31, 2008
Coming Soon!
The Outlaw eCaller
Sling for FoxPro
and Minaska  

July 17, 2008
Quick Releases Added

July 15, 2008
We are still offering
FREE shipping until
further notice.

July 15, 2008
The Outlaw & The AR
For all of you that are
interested in using
The Outlaw Sling with
your AR Rifle, We
have placed pictures
on the Photo Gallery
Page for you to check
The Pictures were
taken and modeled by
Sean Willis of the
Predator Masters
Forums. He has his
rifle in an upright
(barrel-up) position,
and in the
barrel-down position.

July 7, 2008
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Gary & Brendan's Most Excellent Coyote Adventure!!!