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Outlaw Sling Review from "Down Under" Written by Norman Nelson
Outlaw Rifle Sling review and group buy.
Norm Nelson | Apr 25, 2010 | Comments 0

After using my double strap, Outlaw Rifle Sling for a few months I can only say that I am very pleased with it. I originally
purchased this sling to Carry my 14lb long range rifle about the mountains, but have since discovered that it is great for just
about any rifle.

This is a two strap sling that permits the hunter to have both hands free for climbing and it evenly distributes the weight of the
rifle across the shoulders so that you don’t end up with one shoulder lower than the other.

With standard size rifles the muzzle sits quite low enabling the wearer to easilly crawl under brush and low branches without
getting hung up.

Wearing a pack with this sling is no problem. The sling has heaps of available strap length and is fully adjustable. The model that
I purchased is the standard sling and a QR model is available with quick release clips to aid in getting the sling on and off. This
would be an advantage if wearing the sling at the same time as a large heavy pack.

For a look at the full range of these Outlaw Rifle Slings visit http://www.timberbutteoutdoors.com
The Outlaw Sling is very light and is made of high
It has neoprene padding for comfort and solid quality

Various colours and camo patterns are available as
well as extras such as bullet loops to hold a few
cartridges for easy access should you need to load up
the rifle in a hurry.

Prices range from US$34 to US$50 plus postage for
the various models available and upgrades with bullet
loops are only a few dollars extra so you can
customise the sling to suit your personel requirements.

I am looking at doing a GROUP BUY for these Outdoor
slings at the moment so If you want to join in and get
your hands on one then send me an email to
wadcutter@optusnet.com.au in the next few weeks.

Group buy closes 22nd May 2010.