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TBO Buddy Hauler
The TBO Buddy Hauler is a set of 2 handles with 2 paracord
loops, to attach a coyote, fox or bobcat, for the purpose of
carrying your kill to your vehicle.

As you can see in this picture of Tony, he has a coyote with a
handle attached to each front and hind legs of the coyote.

The idea behind the Buddy Hauler is this: You don't have to
carry the animal alone. Have your hunting partner help you with
the task.

You have one handle for the front legs, and your hunting
partner has a handle attached to the hind legs, you both then
carry the heavy dog to the truck.

Secondly: If you are alone, you may use them as a single handle
drag, as you see in the pictures below.

The Buddy Hauler is made with nooses or with metal rings

TBO1019BH               Nooses                $10.00
TBO1019BHR             Rings                  $12.00                         
Buddy Hauler w/Nooses
Buddy Hauler w/Rings