TBO Skinning Grapple
Do you ever have an occasion when you are in the
field, have fur on the ground, and you would rather skin
it out in the field, than to carry the whole critter back to
the truck, and your skinning grapple is back at home,
only because it is to big, bulky and weighs to much to
carry in the field.

If so, here is a solution.

The TBO Pocket Skinning Grapple will go right with you
in a small package. Throw it into your pocket, vest, or
pack, it weighs very little, and you are ready to skin that
animal as you please.

It is simple to use. The TBO Skinning Grapple was made
to use on a tree trunk, overhead tree branch,
telephone pole, fence corner post, you name it.

Simply wrap the strap around the tree, slide the noose
end through the loop end, and push up as high as you
can reach and pull tight, place an animal hind leg
through the noose and you are ready to start skinning.
The weight of the animal and the tension that you are
exerting, will hold the strap tight to the tree, pole, post.
OD Green
Coyote Tan
Desert Khaki
Woodland Camo
Snow White
Hunter Orange
TBO Skinning Grapple
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