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BenchMaster (Cadillac)

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and functional rest on the market. The steel construction, quality powder coating and durable cowhide pouch
and front rest bags guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction. This product reduces recoil, protects your firearm and
ensures fast, accurate shot group. - 1 1/2“ Vertical Micro-Adjustment - 3 “quick height” adjustments - 4”
adjustable front legs - Ergonomic tension knob loosens to make adjustments - Real American cowhide front
rest bags and butt stock pouch protect your firearm and provides extra recoil absorption - Weighs only 9lbs.-
easy to carry - Lifetime Warranty - 100% Made in America - Soft, yet durable leather front bag and stock holder
BM Field Spikes

Order # BMFS                   TBO Price $15.95

Keep your shooting rest steady in rough terrain with the newest innovation from Benchmaster - Field Spikes.
These stainless steel, hardened point spikes will steady your rest whether you are shooting off the hard pan
in West Texas or the loamy soils of the Mid-West. They are fully reversible with protective caps for safety.
Features: - Fully reversible - Hardened points for sure grip on hard soils - Safety caps to cover the points
when not in use - Stainless Steel for long life - Per 2
BenchMaster Shooting
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