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20/28 Gauge Bronze Brush 3 Pack

Order #: 41231                TBO Price: $7.95

Birchwood Casey designed these precision bronze bore brush with a rounded smooth bristle tip. The
straight, thick, wire bristles offer more effective cleaning power. The brush remains thick and stout and
will not easily bend with force down the bore. The bronze brush is designed specially to not damage the
grooved rifling.


- Carefully-made, thicker, straight bronze wire bristles
- Designed with rounded, smoother bristle tips
- Safe and effective cleaning power
- Will not easily bend
- Will not damage precious rifling

Gauge: 20/28
Quantity: 3 Pack
BRB12 Rig Bore Runner 12/16 Gauge

Order #: 41140                  TBO Price: $15.99

A basic system to quickly remove powder fouling from your shotgun in the field or at the range.
Two-piece breakdown design for easy storage and transport. Includes fiberglass shaft with wooden
handle, fabric covered quick clean extension.

Key Features:

- Quickly remove powder fouling from your shotgun in the field or at the range
- Two-piece breakdown design for easy storage and transport

Size: 12/16 Gauge, Plastic Tube
Swauber Applicators  - 20 Pieces

Order #: 41110             TBO Price: $5.29

Swauber applicators are a must have for any shop toolbox or workbench. Use them for applying gun
blue chemicals such as Plum Brown, Perma Blue Gun Blue and Super Blue® Gun Blue. Or, use them to
apply any firearm cleaning products such as Bore Scrubber 2-in1 Bore Cleaner, Barricade Protestant
and RIG® Rust Protectant. Any job that requires the application of a liquid product, the Swauber is the
right tool for the job!

Key Features:

- Large, wire-handled swab-daubers
- Excellent for flooding on cold gun blues, firearm cleaning chemicals and other shop applications

Quantity: 20 Applicators, Poly Bag
Angle Brush Assortment 3 Pack

Order #: 41108              TBO Price: $8.69

Angled cleaning brushes make deep cleaning easier! Three brushes with angled necks allow easy
access to all the hard-to-reach places that can cause cleaning headaches. Straight-handled brushes
simply cant reach where these brushes can. Three styles of bristles clean thoroughly and safely. Use
stainless steel bristles for hard metals and use nylon to avoid scratches on more sensitive surfaces.
Comfortable and easy to handle, all three brushes have wooden handles that make gripping a cinch.
Solvent- and corrosion-resistant.

Key Features:

- Contains 3 styles of bristles: stainless steel, nylon and bronze
- Angled to provide a deeper clean than other brushes
- All brushes are solvent and corrosion resistant
Birchwood Casey Brass Push Jags

TBO Price: $1.99

Birchwood Casey Brass Push Jags is a way to thoroughly clean, dry or oil your barrel. Each jag is
designed to provide a tight fit between the patch and the bore. The pointed tip helps hold a cleaning
patch for close tolerance fit in the barrel for maximum cleaning power. Push Jags available in .17
caliber up to .45 caliber. Each caliber contains one push jag.

- Solid brass construction
- Optimum tight fit calibers
- Pointed tip keeps patch centered
- Fit: Most brands of cleaning rods
Calibers Available: 17 to 45
Birchwood Casey Bronze Bore Brush

TBO Price: $1.99

Calibers Available: 17 to 50
.17   - Out of Stock
.223/5.56 - Out of Stock
.243 - 6mm
.264 & 6.5mm
.270 & 6.8mm
.284 & 7mm
.338 & 8mm
.380, 38/357/9mm
.40,.41 & 10mm
.44 & 11mm
.45, .45-70,.444,.410,.416, & 11 calibers
.50 & 12.7mm