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Hoppes 9 Lubricating Oil

2 1/4 oz
Order #: 1003                      TBO Price: $3.99

High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and
other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives
extra-long service.
Hoppe's 9 Synthetic Blend 2 oz, GunOil, Bottle

Order #: 1003G                TBO Price: $5.95

Synthetic blend lubricating oil offers superior lubrication & protection of
firearms advanaced lubricating oil for firearms, fishing gear & all mechanisms

Size: 2 oz.
Hoppes 9 Lubricating Oil

Order #: 3060                      TBO Price: $6.50

Hoppes famous lubricating oil. High viscosity. Does not harden, gum or become
rancid. Precision lubricators are convenient to use and carry. Needle-thin,
extra long stem spouts designed to reach "hard-to-get-at" spots. Tight-fitting
plastic caps protect clothing. 14.9ml.
Hoppes Elite Gun Oil, Bottle E/F

2 oz
Order #: GO2                       TBO Price: $7.75

Hoppe's Elite "Gun Oil" Size 2 Oz. Superior lubrication and corrosion protection
for increased shooting accuracy and performance. Uses highly refined anti
wear lubricants and other advanced components. Specifications: - Uses super
slick technology that eliminates puddling in the bore - Creates a micro-fine
layer of oil all over the surface - Perfect match to Hoppe�s Elite Gun Cleaner
- Superior coating layer lasts longer, protects more efficiently - 2oz bottle
Hoppes Elite Products

Gun Cleaner Bottle E/F 2 oz
Order #: GC2                         TBO Price: $8.29

Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner (22774). Cleans Firearms To Level That's Actually
Better Than Original Pre Fired Condition. Cleans Up To 80% Faster. Activates
Surface Of Gun Metal, Not Just Getting The Surface Cleaner, But Also Allows
Oils And Lubricants To Penetrate At Molecular Level For Super
Hoppes Elite Products

Gun Oil 4oz
Order #: GO4                       TBO Price: $11.95

Hard core lubrication for the hard core shooter, Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil provides
superior lubrication and corrosion protection to help you increase your
shooting accuracy and performance. Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil uses highly refined
anti-wear lubricants and other advanced components to provide exceptional
Hoppes Lubricating Oil

4 oz Aerosol
Order #: 1605                      TBO Price: $6.35

Hi Viscosity Lube Oil 4oz.Aerosol Description
High viscosity oil refined to perfection for use in firearms, fishing reels and
other precision mechanisms. Does not harden, gum or become rancid. Gives
extra-long service.
Hoppe's Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil Aerosol Spray 4oz

Order #: 1605G               TBO Price: $10.95

Frank August Hoppe created his innovative 9 chemical potent gun cleaning
solvent, Hoppe's has been the leading gun care company in the world. Every
gun owner has heard of and used Hoppe's at one time or another with fantastic
results. Hunters, shooters, and warriors alike trust the full line of Hoppe's gun
care products to keep their weapons clean, lubed and ready for action. Hoppe's
is truly the only name you need to know for firearm cleaning and protection.

Hoppes Synthetic blend lubricant oil offers superior protection of your firearm
against friction and rust on all surfaces. This oil also works very well on fishing
gear, and other small outdoor-use mechanisms exposed to dirt, moisture,
friction, and other contaminants.
Hoppes Bench Rest Lube Oil w/Weatherguard

2 1/4oz
Order #: BR1003                  TBO Price: $4.35

Bench rest lubricating oil with Weatherguard is for all hunters and fishermen.
To be used before and after hunting or fishing trips. This is the best moisture
and rust protection on the market. Contains a moisture fighting agent that
drives out moisture while lubricating your firearms.
Hoppes Moisture Displacing Lube

Order #: MDL                        TBO Price: $6.73

Moisture Displacing Lube 4oz. Description
MDL drives out moisture and at the same time cleans, lubricates, protects and
prevents corrosion on metal surfaces. Ideal for immediate after-use protection
of guns, fishing gear, and most outdoor equipment. Prevents damage from
moisture, salt, and friction.

Hoppes 9 DriLube

Order #: DL1                         TBO Price: $6.73

DriLube 4oz.Aerosol Description
Dry lubricant for all mechanisms. Dri-Lube reduces friction on metal bearing
surfaces. It contains no sticky oils or silicones and will not attract dust or dirt.
Easy aerosol spray-on application. Dri-Lube evaporates in seconds leaving a
dry lubricating film.
4 oz M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil, Bottle
M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

4 oz  Bottle
Order #: 070-1453                 TBO Price: $11.95

M-Pro 7 Synth Grease, 0.5 .oz Syringe, CP

Order #: 070-1356               TBO Price: $12.95

Every field, every mission, every barrel. For the world's most advanced
gun-care products, consult the experts. Field tested and combat-proven, our
barrel cleaners and lubricants work with any firearm and serve every discipline.
The M-Pro 7 Synthetic Grease carries on that tradition of ultimate gun
protection in every scenario. Water and corrosion-resistant, the M-Pro 7
Synthetic Grease prevents rust and reduces maintenance time by up to 80
percent. With excellent metal adhesion, a high temperature range and the
ability to withstand extreme pressures, you and your firearm will be ready for


- Specifically formulated for advanced military and law enforcement style
handheld and crew weaponry
- Water resistant prevents rust and corrosion reduces friction and wear
- Excellent metal adhesion lasts longer without rubbing off under extreme
- Withstands extreme pressures and temperature (-40 to 560 degrees F)
- Non-toxic and odorless also can be used on autos, fishing reels, bikes, tools
and other lubrication needs

Size: 1/2 oz
Hoppes 9 Gun Grease

1 3/4oz. Tube
Order #: 1102                        TBO Price: $3.85

Specifically compounded for protecting idle firearms. When applied to bore or
exterior metal parts it displaces metal "sweat" from gun surfaces. Provides
long term protection when cleaning is delayed. Also lubricates moving parts
while protecting them from corrosion.

Hoppes Moly Aerosol

Order #: 3068                        TBO Price: $12.69

Moly Aerosol Description
A molybdenum disulfide compound, Hoppes Moly provides excellent lubrication
under extreme heat and pressure. Bullets achieve higher velocities and
greater accuracy. Also prevents wear and reduces fouling, making barrels
easier to clean. Great for competition shooters who demand the highest level
of performance. 4 oz. aerosol.


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