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Lyman Butch's Bore Shine

Original 3.75oz
Order #: 02937                         TBO Price: $10.98

Created by a competitive benchrest shooter, Butch's Bore Shine is a next-generation
chemical solvent. When used properly and regularly, it removes all forms of bore
fouling, including copper, with very little effort. Recommended by both the Lilja and
Douglas rifle barrel companies. This is the closest thing to a one-step cleaning
technique available.
Lyman Butch's Bore Shine

Original 8oz
Order #: 02953                         TBO Price: $15.75
Lyman Butch's Bore Shine

Original 16oz
Order #: 02941                         TBO Price: $26.79
Lyman Butch's Bore Shine

Black Powder
Order #: 02949                         TBO Price: $10.69

Butch's Black Powder Bore Shine was developed specifically for the Black Powder
Shooter who asked for a better, faster way to clean their rifles. Butch's Black Powder
Bore Shine comes from a special cleaning solvent used by the US Military. The Black
Powder bore cleaner, like the original Bore Shine does it all. Removes powder, lead
and plastic fouling faster than any other cleaner. Best of all it is odorless, non-toxic,
non-flammable, biodegradable and protects against rust and corrosion. You can't find
a better cleaner for black powder anywhere.
Lyman Butch's Bench Rest Gun Oil

Order #: 02948                        TBO Price: $7.95

Butch's Gun Oil is an ideal bore protectant and conditioner, especially when used with
Butch's solvent. It is proprietary blend of natural oils that withstands the intense heat,
friction and pressures produced in a firearm's chamber and bore. The product's rust
inhibitor provides the absolute maximum in corrosion protection for both regular and
stainless steel firearms.