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Rust Remover - 2 oz.

Order #: 42047                TBO Price: $3.45

This rust remover eliminates and protects against rust and corrosion without
removing gun bluing. Highlights:

Eliminates rust
Protects against corrosion
Safe for use on blue-black finishes
Crud Cutter™ Cleaner/Degreaser - 16 oz. Aerosol

Order #: 42071                   TBO Price: $9.95

This effective cleaner quickly blasts away of grease, dirt and oil build-ups, while
softening powder and plastic wad residue. It dries quickly without residue, leaving
metal clean and free of debris. This product is also effective at removing plastic
fouling from choke tubes. Highlights:

Evaporates, leaving no messy residue
Quickly removes gummy build-ups of grease, dirt and oil
Cleans actions, gun parts and mechanisms without disassembly
Bore Clean Odorless Solvent - 4 oz. Pump

Order #: 42024                 TBO Price: $5.95

This non-toxic solvent allows you to efficiently clean your firearm without worrying
about strong odors and harmful solvents. Removes powder, lead and copper for a
complete clean. Highlights:

Odorless and non-toxic
Removes 99% of powder fouling
Removes lead and copper fouling
Nitro Solvent Gun Cleaner - 5 oz. Aerosol

Order #: 42059                 TBO Price: $6.95

This powerful bore cleaner is for use in firearm barrels and on metal parts and
mechanisms. Removes lead deposits, powder residue and copper fouling. Non-acid
formula leaves behind a light layer of oil for corrosion protection. Highlights:

Powerful bore cleaner
Cleans all metal firearm parts
Safely removes lead, powder and copper fouling

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