Handgun Ammo Boxes -

Case-Gard P-50 Series

Order #:               TBO Price: $1.99 ea

Want to hold up to 50 rounds of ammo conveniently? These flip top boxes are available in five sizes
to accommodate any type of handgun ammo. They are stackable for storage, feature an easy-to-grip
textured surface and come with a load label.
All MTM Case-Gard's are MADE IN USA in our factory in Dayton Ohio.

P50-32 -  32 H&R Mag., 17 HMR, 22 Mag., 25 Auto, 32 Auto, 32 Long Colt
Sold in Green(10) only - Max. OAL= 1.36"

P50-9MM -  9mm, 30 Luger, 32 S&W, 380 ACP, 9mm Makarov - Max. OAL= 1.23"

P50-38 -  357 Rem. Mag., 25-20 Win, 30 Mauser, 32-20 Win, 327 Fed. Mag., 35 Win. S.L., 38 Spec., 38 Auto
Colt, 38 Super, 38 Short Colt, 5.7x28 FN, 7.62x25 Tokarev, 9x23 Win. - Max. OAL= 1.66"

P50-44 -  44 Rem. Mag., 25-20 Win, 256 Win. Mag, 310 Cadet, 35 Win. S. L., 357/44 B&D TC, 38-40 Win, 41
Rem. Mag., 41 Long Colt, 44 Spec., 44 Russian, 44-40 Win., 45 S&W Schofield, 45 Long Colt, 45 Win.
Mag TC., 460 Rowland
Max. OAL= 1.75"

P50-45 -  45 ACP, 10mm, 32 NAA, 357 Sig., 38 Casull, 40 S&W, 400 Cor-Bon, 41 Act. Exp., 44 Auto Mag., 45
Auto Rim., 45 GAP, 8mm Nanbu - Max. OAL= 1.29"

Colors:        Green(10),  Solid Green(16),  Clear Blue(24),  Clear Red(29)
P-50 Series Ammo Box
Handgun Ammo Boxes -

Case Gard - P-100 Series

TBO Price: $3.25 each

MTM originated the 100 round flip-top handgun ammo boxes over 30 years ago. The Case-Gard P-100’
s are the perfect ammo carrier for the handgunner who wants to spend several hours at the range.
Ideal for storing reloads. They have an easy to grip, scuff-resistant textured surface and are
stackable. The Snap-Lok latch and mechanical hinge are guaranteed for 25 years. Load label included.
All MTM Case-Gard's are MADE IN USA in our factory in Dayton Ohio.

Use our ammo box chart to determine which boxes you need for all your ammo.

Four Available Sizes:

P-100-3-    38 Spec., 357 Mag., 38 Auto Colt, 32 H&R Mag., 32 WCF, 30 Mauser, 327 Fed. Mag., 35 Win. S.
L., 38 S&W, 38 Super Colt, 5.7x28 FN, 7.62x25 Tokarev, 9x23mm Win.  Max. OAL = 1.68”

P-100-9-   9mm Luger, 380 ACP, 30 Luger, 9mm Makarov
Max. OAL = 1.22”

P-100-44-    44 Rem. Mag., 44 S&W Special, 41 Mag., 45 Long Colt, 218 Bee, 357/44 B&D TC, 41 Rem.
Mag., 45 Win. Mag., 454 Casull, 44 Russian, 25-20 / 32-20 / 38-40 / 44-40 WCF, 41 Long Colt, 45 S&W
Schofield, 310 Cadet, 460 Rowland    Max. OAL = 1.85”

P-100-45-   45 ACP, 10mm Auto, 40 S&W, 41 Action Express, 357 Sig., 44 Auto Mag., 45 Auto Rim, 45 GAP,
38 Casull, 400 Cor-Bon, 8mm Nambu
Max. OAL = 1.30”

Green(10),  Clear Green/Black(16T),  Clear Blue(24),  Clear Red(29)
P-50 Series Ammo Box
Handgun Ammo Boxes -

E-50 Series

TBO Price: $2.79 ea

E-50 Series
MTM has two styles of ammo handgun slip boxes, the E-50 and J-50 series. They both hold 50 rounds.
The E-50 series has a non-textured surface and has square holes.

E-50-38-        .38 Spec., .357 MAG, .38 Auto Colt
E-50-45-        .45 L Colt, .44 Spec., .45 Auto, .44 MAG

Color(s):        Clear Red (29), Clear Smoke (41)
E-50 Series Ammo Box
Box Color
Handgun Ammo Boxes -

J-50 Series

TBO Price: $3.59 ea.

J-50 Series
The J-50 slip top box series holds 50 rounds, features a non-see-thru material and has round holes.
Since the holes are round, they are used as a reloading block with an advantage of having a cover.

J-50-38-30        .38 Spec., .357 MAG
J-50-45-30        .45 Auto

Color(s):        Red (30)
J-50 Series Ammo Box
Box Color
Handgun Ammo Boxes -

P-64 Series

TBO Price: $142.80    Sold By The Case of 24 boxes

P-64 Series
These stackable, easy-to-grip textured surface fliptop handgun ammo boxes hold up to 64 rounds of
the "big boys." Load label included.
-For the 500 S&W Mag and 475 Linebaugh Max cartridges, reloaders are using our rifle ammo boxes,
the RSLD-5 for 50 rounds and the R-100-MAG for 100 rounds.

-The 50GI pistol cartridge will only fit in a P64-50; however, it is a poor fit and once you have fired, you
cannot reach the cases within the box compartments. Also, we recommend using FL-1 foam liner kits
to eliminate rattling.

-500 Linebaugh Max cartridges - The only box we have available to fit these is our rifle box, the
RF22-SM. However, unless you use a foam liner, the cartridges will fall out of their dividers.

P64-50-10        .480 Ruger, 50 A.E., .475 and .500 Linebaugh

Color(s):        Green (10)
MTM Case Gard -  Ammo Boxes - Handgun
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