MTM Case Gard -  Gun Maintenance & Cleaning
MTM Gun Vise

Order #: GV30          TBO Price: $48.95

MTM Case-Gard's alternative to a normally high-dollar shooter's item. Any type of gunsmithing or
maintenance needed for your rifle or shotgun can be done with the MTM MSRP. This vice is packed
full of all the features you find in pricier models, but sells for a fraction of the cost--only 44.95!

The MTM Gun Vise features a fast, single adjustment clamp down and a secure non-marring hold.

The gun forks are positioned high and low giving the option of a level clamp up for maintenance, or a
sloped clamp up for drainage.

Shotgun barrels are held securely for easy cleaning.

Organize your cleaning supplies with the 14 separate compartments, including a small divided tray
that slides to uncover more compartments in the base for smaller, easy to lose items.

Eleven screw driver bit holders, molded to the unit, are as easily suited for jags and brushes as they
are bits.

If you pay close attention to the details, there is a place provided (low and out of the way) for holding
two cleaning rods.

No more trying to figure out where to rest your rod while making adjustments.

Made of rugged, chemical and solvent resistant polypropylene plastic, the MTM Gun Vise is made to

Color  Red (30)
Gunsmith Maintenance Center

Order #: MTMRMC-5-30                 TBO Price: $39.99          

The Gunsmith's Maintenance Center by MTM Case-Gard™ is one of the best values on the market.
Two removable forks with molded in rubber for protection of your firearms can also hold your
cleaning rods. Each fork has two height adjustments to hold firearms level, upright or upside down.
Compartments are provided for your bottled cleaners to prevent spills. There is so much room in this
case, you can carry and store all your gun cleaning supplies in one convenient place. It is also ideal
for mounting scopes, swivels, bedding of actions, etc. Now that's getting your money's worth!

Dimensions  29.5" x 4" x 9.5"
Color(s):        Red (30)
Portable Rifle Maintenance Center

Order #: MTMRMC-1-30                TBO Price: $45.59       

Designed to be taken to the shooting range for easy cleaning of rifles and shotguns, the Portable
Rifle Maintenance Center works in tandem with the Case-Gard Shooter's Accessory Box (Catalog #
A-760-40). The RMC-1-30 fits conveniently on top for transportation. It comes with two forks that "pop
out" and can be stored in the base along with your cleaning supplies. The forks are over molded with
rubber for protection of your firearm and can hold two cleaning rods. It features sliding dust covers
to protect your equipment and keep everything clean and secure inside. You can also use it to mount
scopes, swivels, bedding of actions and more, making it the ultimate cleaning kit!

Dimensions  23.2" x 3.5" x 11"
Color(s):        Red (30)
Tactical Range Box

Order #: MTMTRB-40              TBO Price: $60.49

All the features of the our shooting range box plus this one comes with AR 223 size magazine well
fork. The Tactical range box makes cleaning and maintenancing your AR's a pleasure. All you do is slip
your AR on this fork and you have a elevated platform to do your work. Works both right and left
handed. The 223 fork is red(shown black in picture).
We set out to make a shooting range box that you could turn it into the ultimate cleaning kit and
maintenance stand for your shooting needs. Sporting a cleaning kit top and cleaning-station base, the
RBMC utilizes a two-piece design for compact transport and convenient use once you get there. The
topl section offers loads of divided space for jags, brushes, solvents…etc, keeping items sorted and
organized. The base or ‘cleaning station’ offers plenty of deep storage for supplies and ammo. A pair
of adjustable gun standard forks featuring soft, over-molded rubber padding offers easy positioning
of firearms with a firm, non-marring hold. This range box also includedes the 5.56mm NATO or 223
magazine well fork. The overall length of the Shooting Range Box provides excellent stability for
nearly any size firearm, as well as room for hard to fit items like collapsible cleaning rods or tripod

Note: Pending on how much weight you have in the bottom cleaning stand, whille holding heavy
barrels AR's, they may have to be cleaned using the standard forks included. No screwdiver bits or
supplies included.

Dimensions: 24.6" long x 11.3" wide x 8.3" high
Color        Black (40)
Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher
"Stop Messing Around"

Order #: GCPC              TBO Price: $11.65

Ideal solvent splatter box for cleaning rifles and shotgun barrels. As the brush leaves the barrel it
sprays out all over the place which can mess up almost any surface it lands on and is probably not the
best thing to breathe in. The patch catcher acts as a patch trap and does not let any of those dirty
patches fall on the floor. As the patches accumulate they will start absorbing the extra solvents for
easy clean up. Compact size so it will not take up to much room in your gun cleaning kit.
The patch catcher is attached to the barrel by positioning and pulling on the strap. Designed to fit 22
long rifle barrels up to most double barrel shotguns.

Color:        Clear Green

Compact size makes it fit easily in your gun cleaning kit:
10.3" x 2.3" x 3.6" Tall

Proper clean up of your Patch Catcher:

Take a paper towel and wipe it out along with all the dirty patches. Then take another paper towel and roll
up the clean out crunched up towel, folding the edges. Then take and put it into a outside trash can.
Bore Guide

Order #: Choose from list below          
TBO Price: $10.84

The Bore Guide assures perfect alignment of a cleaning rod to the bore, prevents solvent
contamination of magazine and trigger mechanism, and protects a rifle's finish. If you're serious about
cleaning your rifles these are a must!

Note: There are no MTM Bore Guides for the: Sako A1 short & A2 medium actions; Weatherby Mark V
short action(.224); Browning A-bolt short actions. If your gun is not listed, we do not have one for it.

Stock #        Fitment

BGR-S-40        .17 to .243(6MM) calibers. Fits Remington 700, 788, 40X short actions; Mauser 300,
Ruger 77 short actions; and similar bolt sizes.

BGR-L-40        .25 to .378 WBY Mag. calibers. Fits Remington 700, 788, 40X short actions; Ruger 77
short actions; and similar bolt sizes.

BGW-S-40        .17 to .243(6MM) calibers. Fits Remington 700, 788 long actions; Winchester 70 short
actions; Savage 110; Weatherby Mark V long actions & Vanguard actions; Ruger 77 long actions.

BGW-L-40        25 to .378 WBY. Mag. calibers. Fits Remington 700, 788 long actions; Winchester 70 & 54
long actions; Ruger 77 long actions; Mauser 300; Weatherby Mark V long actions & Vanguard actions;
Browning A-bolt long action standard & magnum calibers; Savage 110; Mossberg 3500; Sako long
actions(AV); and other long actions.

Color(s):        Black (40)
Bore Guide #'s
Jag and Brush Case

Order #: JAG-00              TBO Price: $3.85

Keep gun cleaning quick and organized. MTM Case-Gard's Jag and Brush Case holds cleaning rod
tips together in one, see-thru, palm-sized container. Four compartments allow you to organize
brushes and jags by caliber, offering excellent storage efficiency. Digging for brushes will no longer
be an issue since you can see exactly where your cleaning tips are every time you need them. Four
compartments allow you to organize brushes and jags by caliber, offering excellent storage
efficiency. Another excellent product by MTM Case-Gard!

Color:        Clear
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