MTM Case Gard -  Target Stands
Jammit™ Target Stand
Jammit™ Compact Target Stand

Order #: JMCTS-40         TBO Price: $17.69

This convenient, lightweight, portable target stand is sure to be a favorite among shooters and
hunters. Holds target backer 13" off the ground and uses a single stake for mounting into the
ground. Can be put on the side of a hill or flat land. Easily moved to different yardages. The Compact
Target Stand packs down to a mere 3" x 4" x 17.5" and weighs less than one pound. Includes
cardboard target holder. Ideal garage sale sign and party sign holder.

weighs less than one pound.

All Jammit™ Target Stands can take a few hits, 22 to 45 ACP, and still be used. We have a stand that
has been hit 22 times with 223 and is still working fine. Although a few hits in the vital area will take it
out. So never let anyone shoot the stand itself. Due to the nature of these products MTM's normal
Guarantee will not apply to target stands and target backer. We guarantee that it will be free of
manufacture defect when you receive it, only. Do not use for shotgun patterning. Works on non-
rocky ground.

Color(s):        Black (40)
MTM Bird Board™

Order #: TB-BB-40          TBO Price: $9.99

Everyone knows the satisfaction you feel from watching a clay target explode after a solid hit. Now
that feeling can be had, nine birds at a time with MTM's Bird Board. Just push the easy-load, bird
board clips through the Bird Board™ Backer and slide clay targets into place. It's that simple. The
Bird Board™ Backer is made of extruded plastic, standing up to the worst of conditions (including
rain), hit after hit. This clay target holder holds full size, midi and mini clay targets for shooting
practice, sighting-in or just plain fun.

MTM Bird Board comes with 18 Easy to Load Clay Target Clips and one 17.5" x 23" Blue Plastic Target

Color(s):        Black (40)
All Weather Target Backers

Order #: TB-20              TBO Price: $5.62

Made of Blue Polypropylene plastic design, it will not tear, wilt, or soften in wet or humid conditions.
Targets may be taped, tacked or stapled to backer. Good for thousands of rounds. Perfect for The
Jammit Target Stands and other target holders.
Dimensions: 17.5" x 23" x .2".

Color(s):        Blue
Complete Target System

Order #: JMTBB           TBO Price: $31.95

Three great target shooting products are now available in one complete package, making it fast and
simple to create a personal shooting range. System includes the original Jammit™ Target Stand, 18
Easy-Load Bird Board Clips and a full size All-Weather Target Backer.

Quick set-up - Just step into ground, slide backer in place and it's ready for targets. Stands straight
on level or hilly ground. Weighs less than two pounds. Holds nine full size clay targets. Stands up to
THOUSANDS of rounds. Backer made from extruded plastic and will not tear, wilt or soften in wet or
humid conditions. Great for paper targets, too - Targets may be taped, tacked or stapled on this
target holder.

Color(s):        Blue / Black
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