Burnham Brothers Compucaller III

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Burnham Brothers Predator Calls - Electronic & Handcalls
CompuCaller III
  Burnham Brothers Hand Calls

This call is especially for close-in calling. Have you ever had a squirrel disappear from the tree you swore he was in?
Imitates the barking of a squirrel, fits in the palm of your hand. Simple to use, just squeeze.
SC-2 Squirrel Call     Order #: 001114      TBO Price: $7.00

For close range calling of predators. Bring them in closer and keep them there longer. Manually tap or squeeze the
bulb to imitate the sound of a small rodent. Many hunter tape the call to the forearm of their gun enabling them to call to
a critter while sighting their gun.
MS-1 Mouse Squeak      Order #: 001112       TBO Price: $8.50

The most versatile short range call ever made. Mimick the distress sounds of fox pups, baby cottontails, or small
rodents. No hunter's shirt pocket should be without this call!
S-2    Order #: 001103           TBO Price: $7.00

A super high-pitched close range call that predators cannot resist. It is particularly effective for luring call-shy
predators extra close. Can be used hands free.
S-4     Order #: 001106          TBO Price: $7.00

Variable pitch, lightweight, hands free. Absolutely the best call Gary has ever used for coyote and bobcat. The call used
by most professional caller today.
MB-1 Mini Blaster      Order #: 001115       TBO Price: $15.00
C-3 Long Range Predator Call.

This is the call that Gary grew up on. This long range cottontail distress sound is extremely effective for calling any
critter that feeds on rabbits. The reed will last for years and is replaceable.
C-3 Long Range Call         Order #: 001104       TBO Price: $15.00

I love the rich sound generated by a wooden call, and so do the critters! This handsome walnut call has a double reed to
deliver the extra volume and distress needed when calling long ranges. This call is a killer on coyote and bobcat.
WF-4 Deluxe Predator Call        Order #: 001105       TBO Price: $16.00

This call does what it says...Works Magic! Imitates the low tones of a jackrabbit or fawn. Has a replaceable reed for years
of trouble-free service.
BM-1 Black Magic          Order #: 001102       TBO Price:  $16.00

This open reed call was designed primarily for call-shy coyotes and larger predators. The open reed allows you to make
a variety of sounds from a jackrabbit distress, to the whines of a coyote pup.
PM-1              Order #: 001100           TBO Price:  $17.00

Locate coyotes before calling with the Mini-Howler. Only five inches long. Open reed design is easy to use. Comes with
instructions and a carrying lanyard.

MH-15 Coyote Howler      Order #: 001111     TBO Price: $17.00

Specially designed diaphragm call just for predators. Loud diaphragm allows hands-free calling of all kinds of predators.
DPC Diaphragm Predator Call          Order #: 001116      TBO Price: $8.00

Use to locate coons in tall trees and thick leaves. Useful for making coons jump out of tree.
CS-6 Coon Squaller          Order #: 001109        TBO Price: $16.00

This bird in distress call was developed specifically by Burnham Brothers for calling raccoons. Made of unbreakable
B-1 Coon Call          Order #:  001108        TBO Price:  $15.00

Now call javelina (peccary) in close with this new easy to use mouth blown call. Sounds like a half-grown javelina in
J-1 Javelina Call           Order #:  001101        TBO Price: $15.00

Rugged tenite plastic construction. Guaranteed to dupe even the slyest crow. Adjustable tone. No hands needed to
manipulate the call. Simply hold in mouth and leave both hands free for shooting.
C-6 Crow Call            Order #: 001301             TBO Price: $12.00
  Burnham Brothers Calling Accessories
CALLS Reeds in all Burnham Brothers' calls can be replaced quickly at a nominal cost. Give an old call a new call sound.
Specify call model when ordering.
Choose Reeds- B-1 - BM-1 - BS-1 - C-3 - C-6 - D-4 - J-1 - MB-1 - MH-15 - S-2 - S-4 - WF-4
TBO Price: $3.45
Please Specify Call Model
Burnham Brothers One Call Lanyard

Holds your call around your neck so you'll never be without it.
One Call Lanyard     Order #: 001501      TBO Price: $3.50
Burnham Brothers Two Call Lanyard

Holds your call around your neck where you'll never be without it.
Two Call Lanyard      Order #: 001502      TBO Price: $4.50
Burnham Brothers Audio cassettes (over 100 sounds)

Burnham Brothers Audio cassettes are available in 60 minute or 90 minute
lengths (cc#910 -). In the field recordings to call coyote, bobcat, fox, coon,
turkey, deer and elk.
MSRP: $9.95      Sale Price: $5.00 each
Specify Tapes By Order Number
CC#2 - Side 1: Hand Squeak / Side 2: Crows Fighting an Owl
CC#3 - Side 1: Grown Cottontail / Side 2: Baby Cottontail
CC#4 - Side 1: Yellowhammer Woodpecker/ Side 2: Cardinal Distress
CC#5 - Side 1: Turkeys on Roost at Daybreak/ Side 2: Gobblers Fighting
CC#6 - Side 1: Quail Distress / Side 2: Quail Calling instructions
CC#7 - Side 1: Horn Rattling / Side 2: Horn Rattling Instructions
CC#8 - Side 1: Wild Rabbit / Side 2: Coyotes Barking and Howling
CC#9 - Grown Jackrabbit
CC#10 - Half-Grown Jackrabbit
CC#11 - Hand Squeaking
CC#12 - Crows Fighting an Owl
CC#13 - Grown Cottontail
CC#14 - Baby Kid Goat Distress
CC#15 - Yellowhammer Woodpecker Distress
CC#16 - Cardinal Distress
CC#17 - Wild Turkeys on Roost at Daybreak
CC#18 - Gobbler Picking Fight
CC#19 - Quail Distress Cries
CC#20 - Learn Quail Calling
CC#23 - Wild Rabbit
CC#24 - Coyote Barking and Howling
CC#25 - Baby House Cat
CC#26 - Deer Distress Cries
CC#27 - Javelina Distress Cries
CC#28 - Crow Single and Groups
CC#29 - Mountain Lion, mating calls
CC#30 - Miracle Calling Sound, mouth call
CC#31 - Side 1: Yellowhammer Woodpecker / Side 2: Flicker Distress
CC#32 - Side 1: Cardinal / Side 2: Meadowlark Distress
CC#33 - Grown Rat Distress Cries
CC#34 - Grown Chicken Hen Squalls
CC#35 - Bantam Chicken Squalls, higher pitched
CC#36 - Bobcat Snarls & Growls
CC#37 - Mallard Ducks
CC#38 - Mini-Squeal Grey Fox Pup, imitated by the S-4
CC#39 - Lost Baby Raccoon Cries
CC#40 - Wild House Cat
CC#41 - Adult Grey Fox Distress
CC#42 - Wild House Cat and Grey Fox Cries Mixed
CC#43 - Hand Squeak Mixed with Fox Growls
CC#44 - Baby Red Fox Distress
CC#45 - Bull Elk Bugling
CC#46 - Young Turkey Distress
CC#47 - Lost Baby Red Fox Cries
CC#48 - Snowshoe Rabbit
CC#49 - Fox Squirrel Barking
CC#50 - Great Horned Owl Hooting
CC#51 - Owl and Crow Fight
CC#52 - Hand Squeak
CC#54 - Single Canine Puppy
CC#55 - Two Canine Puppies
CC#56 - Litter of Canine Puppies
CC#59 - Spring Turkey Hens
CC#60 - Spring Turkey Hens and Gobblers
CC#61 - Wild Turkey Gobbler Answering Hens
CC#62 - Side 1: Flocks of Geese / Side 2: Flocks of Geese Feeding
CC#63 - Baby Quail
CC#64 - Half-Grown Quail Distress
CC#65 - Half-Grown Cottontail
CC#66 - Side 1: Horn Rattling / Side 2: Horn Rattling Instructions
CC#67 - Horn Rattling, for field use
CC#68 - New Bird Distress Cries, Magpie distress
CC#69 - Coyote Pup Howls & Whines
CC#70 - Coyote Pups Howls & Growls
CC#71 - Squirrel Distress Cries
CC#72 - Guinea Fowl Distress
CC#73 - Feral Hogs Feeding
CC#74 - Scaled (Blue) Quail to locate singles and coveys
CC#75 - Murry Burnham Demonstrates Deer Sounds, grunts, bleats, & snorts
CC#76 - Crows Fighting over Baby
CC#77 - Crow Flocks Fighting Owl
CC#78 - Black Magic
CC#79 - Baby Cottontail
CC#80 - Grown Cottontail, universal distress for all predators
CC#81 - Juvenile Cottontail Squeals
CC#82 - Cottontail Soft Cries
CC#83 - Cottontail Duet
CC#84 - Bobcat Growling, Cottontail Squealing
CC#85 - Coyote Pups Attacking Cottontail
CC#86 - Kansas Jackrabbit
CC#87 - Juvenile Coyotes with Kansas Jackrabbit
CC#88 - Coyote Pups with Squealing Cottontail
CC#89 - Kansas Jackrabbit & Bobcat
CC#90 - Coyote Puppies Fighting
CC#91 - Coyote Duet
CC#92 - Coyote Pack Howling
CC#93 - Moonlight Coyote Serenade
CC#94 - Lonesome Coyote with Three Yips
CC#95 - Young Raccoon Screaming
CC#96 - Juvenile Javelina Squealing
CC#97 - Gobblers with One Hen Answering
CC#98 - Turkey Hens - Clucks, Purrs, Yelps
CC#99 - Gobblers Fighting
CC#100 - Mystery Bird
CC#101 - Flicker Distress
CC#102 - Mini Blaster, Gary Roberson on the Mini-Blaster
CC#103 - Female Coyote in Heat
CC#104 - New Feral Hog, a single hungry sow
CC#105 - Hawk and Rabbit, hawk reassures the coyote
CC#106 - 8,000 Geese, mostly Speckle Bellies
CC#107 - Baby Pig Distress

90 Minute Cassettes

CC#910 - Half-Grown Jackrabbit (90 minute)
CC#913 - Grown Cottontail (90 minute)
CC#915 - Yellowhammer Woodpecker (90 minute)
CC#943 - Hand Squeak with Fox Growls (90 minute)
CC#965 - Half-Grown Cottontail (90 minute)
Tonight is Episode One of our NEW Predator Call Demonstration Series (there is a giveaway, so read on). This series is a being
discussed once, or twice, a month. Gary will demonstrate the sounds you can make with a particular call and speak about what
species it can be used for and at what time of the year.

Gary's a bit rusty being in front of the camera, but we will all get to see him get more comfortable as the episodes roll-out! Go
have a look/listen and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Timber Butte Outdoors Facebook Page:
https://www.facebook.com/timberbutte/ Timber Butte Outdoors Store: http://www.timberbutteoutdoors.com/TB...

Link to our YouTube Calls Demo Video: Dan Thompson, Burnham Brothers, Verminator Predator Calls
TBO YouTube Calls Demo Video

ENJOY!!!!! I Hope This Video will help you with your choice of calls you would like to own!!