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The Standard Crit'R•Call

Order #: CRCStandard              TBO Price:$15.00

The Standard call is used by state, federal, and private professional trappers all over the USA. Coyotes, foxes, bobcats,
bear, lions, deer, elk, and scores of other predators come to look. It makes mouse squeaks, jackrabbit and cottontail
rabbit squalls, coyote pup squeals, and other necessary sounds. If you call predators, you need a Crit'R•Call Standard. It
comes in olive-green and blaze-orange colors. Size: 3" x 7/8".
ThePeeWee Crit'R•Call

Order #: CRCpeewee             TBO Price: $14.00

The Crit'R•Call PeeWee is a smaller version of the Standard model, designed to make tantalizing higher-pitched squalls
and squeaks. It was engineered for Eastern and closer-range calling. It is made with a long platform and reed for
maximum variety, and a short barrel for crisp resonance. Sounds made are sharp and attractive. It makes mouse
squeaks and rabbit squalls in a very authentic and realistic way. Deer fawn bleats for calling predators and deer are
excellent. Very easy to blow, this little gem is a great call. Switch reeds at will for varying pitches. It works great to call
red and gray fox, and is the best fox puppy call on the call market. Insert the .015" reed and you will have a great long-
range coyote call. It comes in blaze-orange and olive-green colors. Size:  2-1/2" x 3/4".
The Magnum Crit'R•Call

Order #: CRCMagnum              TBO Price: $18.00

The Magnum was redesigned in 2001. It is the biggest, loudest predator call and howler on the calling market. It is great
for very long-range and windy days. The original Magnum has operated well for 15 years. Our customers have asked for
improvements to make it easier and more comfortable to use, and we did it. It comes with an updated instruction
booklet, 3 extra reeds, 2 extra reed blocks, and 1 extra reed band. The Magnum comes in the olive-green color only at
this time. Size:  5" x 1-1/4".
The Song Dog Crit'R•Call Song Dog

Order #: CRCSongdog                  TBO Price: $24.50

The Song Dog was designed with the best features and use characteristics of all Crit'R•Call models to make coyote
vocalizations. The Song Dog makes great lone howls, group howls, challenge barks, ki-yi calls, whines, whimpers, and
combinations of all coyote sounds. It provides excellent range from very quiet sounds to howls which can be heard
three miles away. It is sold in a kit with 5 reeds, 3 reed blocks, 2 reed bands, 2 extensions, and a 54-page instruction
book on how to call coyotes with howls, barks, yelps, and whines. The book identifies coyote vocabulary, instructs you
on how to make the sounds, when to use them, and what to do to respond to coyotes that reply to the caller. The book
provides the caller with highly successful methods which have been used for 50 years by predator-control
professionals. Used with quality rabbit distress calls, fawn bleats, and other prey sounds, coyote talk becomes the
clincher in bringing call-shy coyotes into range. It is terrific on windy days and when calling in timber and heavy cover.

The Song Dog is also a terrific main-line prey distress call. It makes excellent rabbit squalls, pig squalls, doe bleats, and
other fox and coyote sounds. It is available in blaze-orange and sand colors. Size:  6" x 7/8".
The Song Dog Jr. Crit'R•Call Song Dog Jr.

Order #: CRCsongdogjr                TBO Price: $15.00

The Song Dog has proven so successful and versatile that we have decided to offer it in a less expensive and more
adaptable package. The Song Dog, Jr. comes in a brown color, which fits well into any kind of background. The
instruction booklet is an abbreviated lesson on how to make jackrabbit, coyote talk, duck, crow, elk, moose, deer, and
antelope sounds and distress calls. New reed material selections and shapes make the Song Dog, Jr. an outstanding
mimicking instrument. Size: 3" x 7/8".
Crit’R•Call's Wolfer’s Harp  Itsy-Bitsy

Order #: CRCharp                  TBO Price: $15.00                

The ultimate redesign of a predator call dating back to the 1400s, in Poland.
·      Designed to make wonderful high-pitched musical prey and puppy cries.
·      Durability beyond the current sandwich-shaped calls.
·      Easy and foolproof to use. Use with or without hands.
·      Works great for calling these animals: foxes, bobcats, coyotes, wolves, bears, cougars, deer, antelope, elk, hogs,
great bird calls for bird watchers and for photographers.
·      Reaches out 1 mile+ and good for all calling in between.
·      Weather-proof.
·      Makes ultra-sonic pitches above human hearing range.

Size: 3-3/4" x 5/8"
Pre-cut Reeds

Order #: precutreeds                   TBO Price: $7.00

Please specify call model and reed thickness when ordering reeds. Each call uses a different size reed.
10 reeds
Reed Stock Materials

Order #: reedstock                TBO Price: $20.00

This package contains seven 2-1/2" x 5" blanks of different reed materials, plus instructions. You cut your
own reeds. It is a good way to tailor-make your predator calling sounds.
7 sheets
Reed Blocks

Order #: reedblocks               TBO Price: $0.50 each

These are necessary to hold the reeds in place. Again, specify the call model, color, and thickness of reed
when ordering new blocks.
Reed Bands
Crit R' Call Accessories