Dakota Yote Predator Calls
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1. The “switch barrel” design allows for maximum variety to fool even the most call-shy of varmints.
2. A special sound chamber is built into each barrel for extra volume and great tone.
3. The reeds are in the removable mouth pieces for easy maintenance and to prevent freeze ups.
4. No gimmicks, just solid design and performance in the field.
5. 9 out of 10 coyotes surveyed in the fur shed said that the last thing they heard was a Dakota Yote
Varmint Call!
Dakota Yote "Howler"

Order #dyhowler                  TBO Price: $15.00

This one call produces ALL coyote vocalizations such as challenge howls, female howls, lonely howls, yips and

Switching barrels with the Yoter or Badlander will create great open reed distress sounds.
Dakota Yote "Squeeze Squaller"

Order #dysqueeze                  TBO Price: $10.00

The Squeeze Squaller produces predator attracting 'squalls' that brings the animals up close for the
perfect shot. The new innovative bulb design will not freeze and includes a sound chamber for more
volume and different tones.
Dakota Yote "Super Squeaker"

Order #dysqueaker                  TBO Price: $10.00

If you want a call that will bring 'em up close the Super Squeaker is the one for you. It produces
high-pitched squeaks which coyotes, cats and foxes love. The Super Squeaker won't freeze up and
includes a sound chamber for added volume and allows for an array of different tones. Like all of the
Dakota Yote calls, this one is sure to bring results no matter where you're hunting.
Dakota Yote "Yoter"

Order #dyyoter                  TBO Price: $10.00

The Yoter produces a unique coarse or 'raspy' sound that is new in the field of predator calls. While it is a
small call the results it produces are huge. This call is easy to master for beginners and professionals
alike. It calls coyotes, foxes and bobcats in farmland, prairies and timbered areas.
Dakota Yote "Badlander"

Order #dybadlander                  TBO Price: $10.00

Great long-range call, the Badlander creates the traditional rabbit distress sound with its unique sound
chamber. By blowing the call slower it imitates a fawn bleat.