PC1 Jackrabbit Call

Order #: PC1                 TBO Price: $22.99

The 4" Jackrabbit produces the loud gravelly sounds of a jackrabbit in distress. Call even in high
winds and extend your range to over a mile. Natural wood gives the clear, natural sound. Extremely
effective on all predators.

Order #: PC2               TBO Price: $20.99

This 3 5/8" call produces a loud enticing cottontail in distress sound and like the PC1 and PC3 has a
flared end for ease of handling. Great for coyote, fox, bobcat bear, cougar, and other predators.
Wood construction; and the quality craftsmanship shows. The PC2 Cottontail is a compact version of
the PC1 Jackrabbit, with a shorter reed for cottontail vocalization.
PC3 River Bottom Coaxer

Order #: PC3                  TBO Price: $18.99

This 3" call is a very loud and high pitched call.
Excellent for close-in work. Less volume, and works well in heavy brush. Deadly on coyote, fox,
bobcat, and other predators. Quality wood construction, and like all of Dan's calls, made in the USA.
Weems Replica

Order #: W1                TBO Price: $19.99

"Dan's version" of the old WEEMS. A 4" standard call of the industry for decades and an all-time
favorite of many many callers. Great for coyote, fox, bobcat, bear, cougar, and other predators.
Walnut construction provides for clear pure natural tone.

Expert craftsmanship shows.

Product Options:
Jackrabbit Voice
Cottontail Voice
Select Voice Option
Pup Squaller Coaxer

Order #: PSC                   TBO Price: $19.99

Another very handy call ! 2 calls in 1. It contains a removable 223 brass with open reed, mouth held,
Pup Squaller for all rabbit and bird sounds. Coaxer reed inserted in opposite end of tube for rodent

Ideal for all close-in calling. Pull predators over the edge when they hang up just beyond range.

A new tool for added success. 4" walnut tube. Makes perfect puppy cries and rabbit sounds.
Pup Squaller

Order #: PS1                 TBO Price: $12.99

223 brass with open reed. Mouth held, it leaves your hands open. Makes perfect puppy cries and
rabbit sounds - also makes a great long range mini howler!
Dan Thompson Predator Calls
All Rights Reserved © Copyright  2008-2011 Timber Butte Outdoors
We "Guarantee the Craftsmanship"
of the Outlaw Sling for one (1) year from
the date of purchase.
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Dan’s game calls produce the pure correct sound of prey and are incredibly versatile.

When you get a Dan Thompson Call you are holding in your hands the work of an icon — a skilled craftsman, a true
mountain man, and a legendary predator hunter whose calls continue to bring success to hunters the world over!
Red Desert Howler (Male)

Order #: RDH                  TBO Price: $34.99

The most versatile long range call on the market.
Makes all rabbit distress sounds/cries, coyote vocalizations, elk bugle, deer grunt, sand hill crane
calls, and duck calls! Great for coyote, fox, bear and all other predators. This call has been the
demise of many a Wyoming bull elk - it makes an awesome elk bugle!

"This howler is typically used as the "ol' dog" or male coyote and is extremely effective in this role
and mimics all of the coyote sounds- howls, yips, barks, challenges, Ki-Yi, etc".

Quality wood construction craftsmanship. Approx 6 3/4 inch megaphone. 10 inches in overall length.
Sweetwater Howler (Female)

Order #: SWH                   TBO Price: $30.99

Like it's big brother, the Red Desert Howler, the Sweetwater Howler makes all rabbit distress
sounds/cries, coyote vocalizations, elk bugle, deer grunt, sand hill crane calls, and duck calls at a
HIGHER PITCH! Great for coyote, fox, bear and all other predators. This call has also been the
demise of many a Wyoming
Besides the variety of animal sounds that are easily made on this howler (just like the Red Desert
howler) the Sweetwater howler does it at a higher pitch and is therefore a very effective female
howler and in many cases is less intimidating than the male howler to younger coyotes.

megaphone. 8 1/4" inches in overall length.
Wind River Howler (Pup)

Order #: WRH                   TBO Price: $26.99

Like it's two big brothers, the Red Desert Howler & Sweetwater Howler, the "most versatile long
range calls on the market"; the Wind River Howler makes all rabbit distress sounds/cries and
coyote vocalizations, at a HIGHER PITCH!

The Wind River Howler is the highest pitch of the three howlers and effectively mimics a "pup"
coyote when used in coyote vocalizations. This unique little howler also makes great woodpecker
sounds as well as all other sounds that the larger howlers make. Great for coyote, fox, bear, bobcat
and all other predators. This call has been the demise of many a Wyoming coyote.

Quality wood construction and true craftsmanship. Approx 3 1/4 inch megaphone.
PC1D Long Range Double Jackrabbit

Order #: PC1D                   TBO Price: $23.99

The “Grand-Daddy” of the Jacks! This call is even louder than our standard PC1 and provides even
more of that irresistible raspy sound predators just can’t resist- and that spells double trouble!
New body style- custom reed, and same great Dan Thompson quality!!
PC2D Long Range Double Cottontail

Order #: PC2D                   TBO Price: $21.99

Ever heard a Cottontail on steroids? If you are looking for a very loud Cottontail call with that highly
sought after raspy high pitched voice- this is the call you’ve been waiting for! New body style -
custom reed, and same great Dan Thompson quality!!
PC4 Baby Jackrabbit

Order #: PC4                     TBO Price: $16.99

Finally the most effective sound to ever reach a predators ears- the baby- absolutely a must have.
All predators know this is an easy meal just for the taking. Finally available in real hardwood with a
new custom reed! Extremely effective on all predators! Dynamite in a small package!!
PC5 Baby Cottontail

Order #: PC5                   TBO Price: $16.99

especially a baby - in this case, the irresistible cottontail! This secret weapon is finally available in
real hardwood - not plastic- not electronics- but quality Just like the PC4 all predators will respond
to the sound of prey in distress- hardwood providing that natural unequalled sound. New to the
industry, serious hunters will demand the PC4 & PC5!!

Order #: RD-MP                TBO Price: $16.99

Replacement mouthpiece's are now available for all of our howlers.  Please specify desired mouthpiece using
the drop-down below.

Mouthpieces Offered:         
Red Desert (Green)
Sweetwater (Olive)
Windriver (Orange)
Select Mouthpiece Type
Howler Reed Kit

Order #: RDRK                TBO Price: $8.99

Kit includes 3 single open reed replacement reeds (blades) that fit any of our howler mouthpieces.  Two .014
reeds (original reed replacement) and one .010 reed for calf elk sounds, fawn deer blats, puppy whines, bird
sounds, etc.
Select Mouthpiece Type
Enclosed Reed Kit

Order #: RK-5                   TBO Price: $12.99

Enclosed Reed Kit Voices:
Baby Voice        
Double Voice
Standard Voice
Select Voice Type

Tonight is Episode One of our NEW Predator Call Demonstration Series (there is a giveaway, so read on). This series is a
collaboration with Gary from Timber Butte Outdoors and will cover all the calls that are currently on the market, with a handful
being discussed once, or twice, a month. Gary will demonstrate the sounds you can make with a particular call and speak about
what species it can be used for and at what time of the year.

Gary's a bit rusty being in front of the camera, but we will all get to see him get more comfortable as the episodes roll-out! Go
have a look/listen and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Timber Butte Outdoors Facebook Page:
https://www.facebook.com/timberbutte/ Timber Butte Outdoors Store: http://www.timberbutteoutdoors.com/TB...

Link to our YouTube Calls Demo Video: Dan Thompson, Burnham Brothers, Verminator Predator Calls
TBO YouTube Calls Demo Video

ENJOY!!!!! I Hope This Video will help you with your choice of calls you would like to own!!