MAD Predator Hand Calls
MAD Closed Reed Howler

Order #: MADMD189                 TBO Price: $22.90

Closed Reed Howler Coyote Call: Easy to use - Dominate howls - Extra volume with open sound chamber - Shrill
yips and howls - Hand tuned in U.S.A.
MAD Open Reed Howler

Order #: MADMD188              TBO Price: $22.90

Open Reed Howler Coyote Call: Produce entire coyote vocabulary including: yips, barks, whines, pup fights, and
low/high pitch howls - Long range rabbit and fawn distress volume - Hand tuned in the U.S.A.
MAD Open Reed Predator

Order #: MADMD187                  TBO Price: $17.95

Open Reed Predator Call: Great range - Produces close range squeaks to long distance cottontail and even
sub-dominant howls - Allows user to switch from distress cottontail to barks and howls in seconds by
manipulating the reed.
MAD Long-Range Jack

Order #: MADMD182                  TBO Price: $16.95

Long-Range Jack Rabbit Call: Gravelly screams of Jack Rabbit distress - Extra volume - Durable and
weatherproof - Hand tuned in U.S.A.
MAD Mid-Range Cotton

Order #: MADMD181                   TBO Price: $16.95

Mid-Range Cotton Rabbit Call: Cottontail distress - Piercing high pitched screams - Durable and weatherproof -
Hand tuned in U.S.A.
MAD Pip Squeak Coaxer Call

Order #: MADMD180                  TBO Price: $16.95

Pip-Squeak Coaxer Rabbit Call: Requires little air pressure - Designed for close in calling - High pitched
squeaks - Durable and weatherproof.
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