Toxic Calls - Predator Hand Calls
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Order #: TSR              TBO Price: $49.99

Call Type: Jackrabbit or Cottontail       
Barrel Color:  Black      
Insert Color:   Black     
Engraving Color: White

The Toxic TSR is the go to predator call, when a predator is looking for
dinner. The sound of a injured rabbit sets off a hunger urge that is hard to

With the capability to order the call customized to your location, (cottontail for
the Eastern States, and the Midwest, and Jackrabbit for the Western States)
your TSR will be piling fur faster than you will know what to do with it.

**DISCLAIMER** Toxic Calls is in no way to be held responsible for the mass
carnage, and overwhelming dent in the Predator population you are about to
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Order #: TDR          TBO Price: $49.99

Barrel Color:  Black      
Insert Color:  Black      
Engraving Color: Orange

The Toxic Death Rat, stands by itself in the world of Predator Calls. A short to
medium range call, the TDR is great for opening up a stands.

The TDR, is capable of producing a one of a kind cry that works great in high
pressure areas.

The TDR, was thought up by a retired goverment trapper when all other
distress sounds failed to produce.
T3 (Toxic Trash Talker)

Order #: TTT               TBO Price: $49.99

Barrel Color:  Black      
Insert Color:  Black      
Engraving Color: Blue

TTT (Toxic Trash Talker) a subordinate howler that lives to its name sake.

When your trying to let the Alpha coyote in the neighborhoood know that your
stepping on his turf, you want to sound like some smart mouthed punk, with a
big case of Napoleon syndrome.

The TTT does that, a higher pitch howler, that lets some of the trashiest barks
and challenge howls we have heard yet.