Verminator Predator Calls
Order #: 001018                          TBO Price: $10.95

Very high pitched mid range call and coaxer irresistible to predators,
especially Bobcats.
Signature Series Tweety

Order #: SigTW1                    TBO Price: $15.00

~ Unique poured resin sound chamber.
~ Great for catching the attention of the elusive bobcat.
~ Superb for bringing in the wiley coyote to within shooting range.
~ Variety of sounds - from birds to cottontail in distress sounds.
~ More volume than "original" Tweety.
~ Long distance capability and easy to blow.
Order #: 001025                            TBO Price: $11.95

Long range open reed call with lots of rasp potential.
"Syco Tweety"

Order #: 001032                            TBO Price: $10.95

Features a dual groove & split reed. The most shrill and radial distress sound known to predators.
"Long Range Tweety" aka "Turbo Tweety"

Order #: 001049                            TBO Price: $10.95

The Long Range Tweety proves to be up to 30% louder. At low volume the call creates a raspy tone but when more air is
applied it still creates the same high pitch shrill sound as the conventional Tweety.
"Twisted Syco"

Order #: 001056                             TBO Price: $14.95         

Twisted Syco is Rick's latest creation which was developed by his desire to have a more wicked, nasty sounding version
of Syco Tweety.

Order # 001063                              TBO Price: $19.95

Rick's desire to build a call like no other has turned him into a mad scientist. Hence...the birth of the "ALIENATOR", which
sounds as wild as it looks. It is a distress/howler combo, leaning more towards the distress side. It does young coyote &
female howls and Ki-Yi's. It is extremely easy to blow.
"The Stryker"

Order #: 228128                             TBO Price: $14.95

Mouth Call is a closed reed call featuring a bold "skull" design. This call produces unmatched distress sounds and is
simple to use – just blow


Bite Call


Bite Call
The New Verminator Bite Call - NIMROD!

Order #: NIMROD1                            TBO Price: $14.95

This is a bite-type hand call featuring an enclosed split reed over dual air channels. It produces shrill bird like sounds and also crazy cat sounds - sure to get
them running to the call! Made in the USA.

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Tonight is Episode One of our NEW Predator Call Demonstration Series (there is a giveaway, so read on). This series is a
collaboration with Gary from Timber Butte Outdoors and will cover all the calls that are currently on the market, with a handful
being discussed once, or twice, a month. Gary will demonstrate the sounds you can make with a particular call and speak about
Gary's a bit rusty being in front of the camera, but we will all get to see him get more comfortable as the episodes roll-out! Go
have a look/listen and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Timber Butte Outdoors Facebook Page:
https://www.facebook.com/timberbutte/ Timber Butte Outdoors Store: http://www.timberbutteoutdoors.com/TB...

Link to our YouTube Calls Demo Video: Dan Thompson, Burnham Brothers, Verminator Predator Calls
TBO YouTube Calls Demo Video

ENJOY!!!!! I Hope This Video will help you with your choice of calls you would like to own!!