Primos Predator Decoy
Primos Sit-N-Spin Crazy Critter

Order #: PRI62701           TBO Price: $33.79        (7 Available)

The Primos Sit ‘N Spin Crazy Critter’s™ stop and go erratic movements mimic those of a wounded
rodent or bird. The small collapsible design of the Sit ‘N Spin™ makes packing it a breeze. The
stake and decoy mount can be unscrewed from the motor and attached to clips on the side of
the motor casing for easy portability. Don’t give em a chance to avoid your setup.


Stop & Go eye catching movement
Imitates an injured & pancaking critter
Intermittent 360° spinning motion
Realistic fur with flaring white tip tail
Adjustable dial speed
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