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Brass Butter formerly Brass Guys! Now owned by
ACCURA OUTDOORS! TV Fame Mike McMichaels
the owner of Power Belt Black Powder Bullets, They
are located right here in SW Idaho, in my back yard,
so I just have to run down to their shop and pick up
what I need!

ACCURA Outdoors bought the Brass Butter Name and
the formula, so they can continue to deliver the best
Case Lube on the Market!

I have used a bunch of case lubes, and found them to
be satisfactory in their application, it was the messy
after sizing and loading that was left on the cases and
my hands, I didn't like with!

With Brass Butter, No sticky slippery mess to have
wipe away after loading! And Your Hands will Love
You for using it! Makes your hand soft, not greasy or

Brass Butter, Spray it on and allow to dry, leaves a dry
film of lube on the case, Pleasant smell, No wiping
cases down after loading. One Pleasant experience
with Brass Butter!!

8 FL OZ Pump Spray Can $10.00

Shipping Costs are reflected in the Cart on the left, per
number of cans ordered!!
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