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TPC September Black Bear

I was able to get out with a buddy this
week to do some fall bear hunting.
The weather was perfect and the
bears were moving.

We started at first light glassing clear
cuts hoping to find a bruin out
feeding. It didn't take long and we
found our first bear...a yearling ran
across the road and went up the first
tree he could find. We took some
pictures and headed to the next spot.
We started in on another clear cut
when we spotted the bear we wanted
to pursue.
We ranged him right at 746yds and planned our strategy to get
closer. The bear was content feeding on berries and gave us
plenty of time to get closer. We got on top of the ridge he was
feeding on, checked the wind direction and made our stalk. We
were able to get within 100yds of the bear and set up on an old
stump that made for a good rest. My buddy steady the crosshairs
on the bear and let the Savage 300WSM do the rest! The shot was
perfect, bear down!

We figured the bear to weigh about 200lbs, however when we
were packing him out I think he was closer to weighing about
400lbs :). It was my buddys first bear and he was as happy as could
be. The bear had a real nice hide and is going to make an
awesome mount.

Another successful hunt, and a great way to spend the day!

God bless and good hunting,
Ty Nichols
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