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Meet Brendan LoCicero.  My Friend & Our First ProStaff Member.
Brendan uses the Outlaw Sling on both of his DTech AR15's, one in 243 wssm & 16" 223rem.
This is what Brendan says about the Outlaw Sling:
"The Outlaw Sling is Awesome! Period!! I sometimes forget that I have it on, it is so comfortable, I could carry it all
day without fatigue, or back and shoulder pain!
This a picture of Rick. As you can see!
Rick is using the Outlaw Sling to help him
carry his rifle, while he walks on crutches.
Thanks Rick!
The Home of The Outlaw Sling
Innovative Hunting Accessories;
Changing The Way The World Carries It's Firearms!
The old saying goes: "Necessity is the Mother of all
Invention!" Through necessity the Outlaw Sling
come to be.

After 2 years of Research and Development,
experimenting with different materials, designs,
and field testing, we have finally settled on the
current base design Outlaw Sling.

We feel that the Outlaw Sling is an innovative
design, giving it natural carrying functionality,
allowing freedom of movement while in the field
or on the range.

An Innovative Hunting Accessory built and
designed by a hunter for hunters around the
As Hunters and Shooters, we value our guns, because we
have invested a significant amount of time and money
into them, or they may have a significant amount of
sentimental value to their owners.

Therefore we naturally want to protect our investments
from being damaged.

Damage from accidentally being dropped, banged, or
scratched, all because we are still using an old fashioned
shoulder carry sling.

At one time or another, we all have had our hands full of
equipment or busy dragging our game from the woods or
fields, at which time your gun has slid off your
shoulder, down your arm, and onto the ground, rocks,
mud, or water.

Don't let this wreck your expensive gun, or wreak havoc
on your day in the field by losing the zero of your scope
or sights.
Now you can prevent this from
happening to you. You can now
carry your favorite firearm
without worry of dropping it;
causing costly damage.

There is now a way to carry
your gun Completely Worry
Free & Hands Free!

The Outlaw Sling will give you a
"Worry Free, Hands Free"
carry. Giving you confidence
and freedom to be active in the
I got an opportunity to take some new pictures this week.
Here are pictures of Brendan's son, 10 yr old Charlie.
Charlie is carrying his dad's AR15 without having a problem while
walking. Charley says that it is easy for him to put it on and to carry
the rifle. Thank You Charlie - Dude!
You da'Man!
These pictures were provided by a one of our extremely satisfied customers -  Rick M.
Rick purchased an Outlaw Sling. He then sent me these picture to show how happy he is with his Outlaw Sling, he
talked his kids into posing for the pictures.

On the left is his 20 year old, 5'3" daughter Nicole, and on the right, his 18 year old. 6'2" son Cody. Both love the
outdoors and go camping, hunting, and fishing several times a year.
Thank You Rick, Nicole, and Cody - good pictures! You both may have a future in modeling.
CLICK HERE for sling swivel installation instruction
Outlaw Sling review from
"Down Under"
April 25, 2010
A new Outlaw Sling review from "Down
Under". Australian Hunter and Blog Writer,
Norman Nelson has written an article for the
South Seas Islands Hunters.

Link To Article:

Norman has included a group buy with this
article. For more information please contact
Norman Nelson  at his email at
in the next few weeks.  Group buy closes
22nd May 2010.  
Another Function of The Outlaw Sling!
Here is a picture of Brendan taking a
"Break!" while we were hunting!
Notice the rifle with the Outlaw Sling!
You can now use both hands while taking
care of Business!
Gary & Brendan's Most Excellent
Gary posing with a coyote he
shot on February 13th 2010.
TBO Customer - Alberta Canada
Coyote Hunt
TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff Loren Lunsford and Harold Sieloff
For Sling Swivel Installation Instructions
Gary's January
2011 Red Fox -
it was 14
degrees on the
high snow
covered plains.
What a
beautiful Red
Fox. Brendan
will be tanning it
for me.
This is the first
Red Fox I have
ever shot. I
have trapped a
few in the past.
Badger Mania Morning - July 1, 2011
Idaho Varmint Hunters, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (Club), that is geared toward the members
suggestions, proposals, nominations, and one vote per issue.

Idaho Varmint Hunters hosts several contests each year - including Northwest Nationals and the
Idaho Coyote Classic. We also host a whistlepig tournament, and in 2012, we will be hosting our first
badger tournament. For more info about these events, go to our forums.

We hold a meeting each month, on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm, currently be held at
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant on Eagle Rd. The public is more than Welcome to attend. Drop by and
check us out! If you like what you see, please consider joining the club and being an active member.
Without your support we can't fight to "Protect Varmint Hunting for Generations to Come!"

Stop by and check us out at our forums at:
or by clicking the IVH Logo above.
You may contact us at our email address:
Successful Hunts & Advertising
July 1, 2011 - TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff Brendan LoCicero & TBO Owner Gary Mathews
had a great morning badger hunt. From daylight till noon, we shot 9 badgers, with one miss
for the day. Brendan and I had asuch a great day, that Brendan captioned the day as:
"Badger Mania Morning"
Venum Outdoors
The Best Shooting Sticks on the Market!
We have added 3 new Elusion Camo Patterns to our line of TBO Products. We hope you will like all these Patterns. We will be adding more patterns as we go forward.
Timber Butte Outdoors would like to proudly introduce our 2 newest camouflage patterns to be added to the Outlaw & the QR Outlaw
Sling lines.

1) Elusion Camouflage - "It's in the Woods!"
The unique patterns we derive are true natural images from real natural settings.  This has allowed us to design and refine for you a great new camo system that doesn’t just hide you
in the wide open, it blends you into nature the way it was meant to be.  At Elusion Camo we don’t want you to stick out like a big blob on the side of a tree....we want you to Blend into
the tree or open areas.

2) Sunflower Camouflage - The perils of dove hunting are great - especially for the dove.
Sunflower Camo will soon become the go to camo for all hunting adventures in any area regardless of terrain or nature blend. Distinctively different, instinctively the same.
Sunflower Camo brings generations together for the hunt no matter what the choice of game. The patterns ability to conceal itself and blend in with natural surroundings will be
referred to as almost cheating.
Team TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff - Brendan LoCicero
Nov 1, 2015
New Dealer for
Harrison Calls

Sept. 1, 2015 -
pattern - Kryptek

July 27, 2015
Added New Dealership
Brass Guys Reloading

May 27, 2015
Added New Dealership
US Hunter Shotgun
Stand, 12 or 20 gauge

May 10, 2015
Added New TBO
Shirts to the line.

April 26, 2015
Added Dakota Yote
Predator Calls to the

April 22, 2015
Added New Color
Charcoal Grey

March 10, 2014
Upgraded the Sidekick
with MeshSkin
Rubberized Textured

November 2013
Added New TBO
The GC300 Outlaw
eCaller Sling.

October 2013
Added 2 New Camo
Patterns: Elusion
Camo Marsh Monster
& Sunflower Camo

September 2013
Added New Webbing
Color - Jute

January 10, 2012
Added New Lanyard.
The Lonehowl
Varmint Hunter

December 26, 2011
Added new products

December 5, 2011
Added New ProStaff
Carl Weeks

November 21, 2011
Added Z-Blades to the

November 14, 2011
Added GrouseWing
to the line.

November 10, 2011
Added TBO Buddy

November 1, 2011
Price Increase on
Sling Swivels.

October 24, 2011
Became Dealer for

June 27, 2011
Added Pink Camo to
the Lady Outlaw.

June 22, 2011
Become a Dealer for
Bugling Bull Game

April 2011 Added
to our sponsors line.

April 2011
Added the Lady
Outlaw Sling to the

February 2011 Added
Warrior Outlaw Sling
to line up.

December 2010
Added Colors Chart
to the
Products Page.

June 21, 2010 A new
Mail Order Form has
been linked. Find it on
the contact page.

June 10, 2010
Added 2 new
ProStaff - Harold
Sieloff &
Ray Gsell

June 1, 2010
Added new color -
Coyote Tan Outlaw

May 25, 2010
Added TBO Decals.

May 2010
Added 2 new slings:
The Snow White
& The Deer Hunter

April 25, 2010
A new Outlaw Sling
review from
"Down Under".
Australian Hunter
and Blog Writer,
Norman Nelson has
written an
article for the South
Seas Islands Hunters.

February 24, 2010
Added a
Swivel Instructions
& Menu Button

February 14, 2010
Added New Color -
Added Sternum
Strap, Shotgun
Cradle, Skinning
Grapple, Long Handle
Turkey Tote,
Uncle Mike's
Sling Swivels.

February 1, 2010
Gift Certificates

December 6, 2009
New TBO ProStaff
Matt Watson!
Matt Welcome to the
TBO ProStaff Family.
Read His Bio at the
ProStaff Page

New Product:
Nov 4, 2009
Added Shooters Ridge
Sling Swivels.

Nov 3, 2009
Added the New
Turkey Handle.

Nov 2, 2009
The All New TBO
Double Handle Drag
Check them out on
the Products Page.

July 30, 2009
Please Welcome
Brendan LoCicero our
ProStaff. See his
& Read his Biography
on the ProStaff page.

July 24, 2009
Check out the
Page. We have
added new customer
reviews and testimonies.
See what our customers
are saying about our
It is a good read!

June 18, 2009
Added New Pictures of
Brendan & Charlie using
The Outlaw Sling and
TBO Game Carriers and
Wrist Drags.

June 3, 2009
Wrist Drags and
Game Carriers added to
line of products.

March 13, 2009
Announcing a new
to the Outlaw Sling -
Shell Loops!  
You can have them on
either side or both sides
- 2, 4, 6, 8 loops, your
preference. Just let me
know when ordering
you want.

October 5, 2008
TBO Has added New
to our line.

August 26, 2008
Announcing the
Camouflage eCaller

Coming Soon:
The Camo Outlaw Sling.
Read our
on the bottom of the
Products Page

August 5, 2008
New Pictures
Added Pictures of
Jenn using The
Outlaw Sling
in the Photo Gallery

August 4, 2008
New Pictures
Received Today.
These Pictures
are of Jenn the wife
of  Lungbuster. Jenn
carrying her rifle on
the Outlaw Sling.  
A short video has also
be included.

July 31, 2008
Coming Soon!
The Outlaw eCaller
for FoxPro and

July 17, 2008
Quick Releases Added

July 15, 2008
We are still offering
FREE shipping until
further notice.

July 15, 2008
The Outlaw & The AR
For all of you that are
interested in using
The Outlaw Sling with
AR Rifle, We have
placed pictures on the
Gallery Page for you to
check out.
The Pictures were taken
and modeled by Sean
of the Predator Masters
Forums. He has his rifle
an upright (barrel-up)
position, and in the
barrel-down position.

July 7, 2008
Mail Order Form
All Rights Reserved © Copyright  2008-2025 Timber Butte Outdoors
We "Guarantee the Craftsmanship"
of the Outlaw Sling for one (1) year from
the date of purchase.
CLICK HERE for sling swivel instruction

We have changed the nylon coated neoprene padding to the

The Mesh Skin Neoprene has Nylon on the front, but it has a rubberized surface that is textured on the back.

This rubberized textured surface holds the firearm in place on your shoulder. It grips the clothing, so it will not
slide down, or pivot and roll down under your arm! It will and does stay in place.

This neoprene will come as standard feature on all
Outlaw Sidekick Slings in the future.
We have made an Upgrade to the Outlaw Sidekick Sling!
TBO Is Accepting Over the Phone
Credit and Debit Card Orders!
Please Note!! We have had a change of mailing address. It can be found on
our "Contact Info Page" if you need it!
Please change your contact info for Timber Butte Outdoors.
Thank You! Gary