Outlaw eCaller Sling
The Outlaw eCaller Sling can be used with any eCaller that has a handle
Such callers as:  FoxPro, Minaska Big Country Bandit, Western Rivers, and others.

For all you Videographers, the Outlaw eCaller sling adapts nicely to your video camera.

The Outlaw eCaller Sling is adjustable for length, and has quick releases, so that you can
remove it quickly or to just remove the sling from the unit. It has a 2 1/4 inch padded (5mm
Neoprene Padding) strap for comfort while carrying your caller.

The Yoke is 2" webbing straps that are 8" long to accommodate pretty much any handle size out
there! The Yoke has Velcro closure to keep it securely wrapped around the handle. The wraps
will not mar or damage the finish in anyway.

Purchase extra Yokes and outfit all the devices that you need to carry!
TBO1003 - Outlaw eCaller Sling
CLICK HERE for sling swivel instruction
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OD Green
Coyote Tan
Desert Khaki (Badlands)
Woodland Camo
Snow White
Hunter Orange (Deer Hunter)
The Outlaw eCaller Sling: Regular Colors
The Outlaw eCaller Sling Photos
We "Guarantee the Craftsmanship"
of the Outlaw Sling for one (1) year from
the date of purchase.
Lets "Personalize" your sling! With your name or logo, maybe your favorite saying! How about an American Flag! Or your favorite
Cartoon Character! The sky is the limit!

The letters can be as large as 1.5 inches wide. If you look at the sling with the letters, that is all the space width that we can go! Let us
know how wide you want the letters to be! We can go down in size and then center them on the sling as well! Wecan apply the
lettering to the sling that has been laminated with camo fabric also! That is going tobe one of my next projects! We will see how well it
turns out! Use the form below to choose your "PERSONALIZATION" and add to your cart so we get it, and add the print to your TBO
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