Timber Butte
News and Updates
Sept 1, 2012:
Renamed the ProStaff:
Team TBO Outlaw Crew

Added 2 new ProStaff
Members: Nick Hylton
and Bob Roper

July 30, 2009
Please Welcome
Brendan LoCicero our
first ProStaff. See his
Picture & Read his
Biography on the
ProStaff page.

June 18, 2009
Added New Pictures of
Brendan & Charlie
using The Outlaw Sling
and TBO Game
Carriers and Wrist

June 3, 2009
Wrist Drags and Game
Carriers added to line
of products.

March 13, 2009
Announcing a new
add-on to the Outlaw
Sling - Shell Loops!  
You can have them on
either side or both
sides - 2, 4, 6, 8 loops,
your preference. Just
let me know when
ordering what you

October 5, 2008
TBO Has added New
Colors to our line.

August 26, 2008
Announcing the
Camouflage eCaller

Coming Soon:
The Camo Outlaw Sling.
Read our
announcements on the
bottom of the Products

August 5, 2008
New Pictures
Added Pictures of a
using The
Outlaw Sling in the
Photo Gallery

August 4, 2008
New Pictures Received
Today. These Pictures
are of  Jenn the wife
of  Lungbuster. Jenn
is carrying her rifle on
the Outlaw Sling.  A
short video has also
be included.

July 31, 2008
Coming Soon!
The Outlaw eCaller
Sling for FoxPro and

July 17, 2008
Quick Releases Added

July 15, 2008
We are still offering
FREE shipping until
further notice.

July 15, 2008
The Outlaw & The AR
For all of you that are
interested in using The
Outlaw Sling with your AR
Rifle, We have placed
pictures on the Photo
Gallery Page for you to
check out.
The Pictures were taken
and modeled by Sean
Willis of the Predator
Masters Forums. He has
his rifle in an upright
(barrel-up) position, and
in the barrel-down

July 7, 2008
Mail Order Form Added!
Brendan LoCicero
I received my first pellet gun and .22 starter rifle around the age of 8, I was
immediately hooked.
Backyard bird hunting became a favorite pastime along with forays into the
acreage adjoining our home.
Father/Son Team:Tim & Ben Titus
Tim Titus: The Owner/Operator of No Off Season Hunting Supply.
Tim is a Team TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff, and a Dealer of Timber Butte Outdoors
products. In which you can order through his website.
Tim enjoys spend time in the outdoors, hunting with his son Ben. They hunt
everything from sage rats to big game. Precision, long range shooting equipment
is their passion.
Loren Lunsford
I received my first rifle at age eight, and that was in the early days of
dinosaurs. My parents divorced when I was nine so I had to depend on my
friends’ parents and neighbors to introduce me to hunting.
Ben Titus
5 years old. My dad got me started shooting his old 10/22.  I mostly focused
on hunting rabbits and squirrels as a kid.
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Carl Weeks
I am a hunter/outdoorsman.  I make this distinction simply because I spend
more time every year in the field than my older brother and parents
Nick Hylton
I am a native Idahoan, born in Council. I grew up in a hunting family, partly because my
family liked to hunt and partly out of the necessity of feeding the family. I have always
had a passion for being outdoors and hunting and fishing are my preferred activities. I
have guided fly fishermen and big game hunters in both Idaho and Wyoming.
Bob Roper

just plinking around. I really didn't start hunting until I was about 13 years old or so.

Then one day, out of the blue, my dad asked me, if he was to buy me a shotgun, would I use it. My answer
was a resounding "Heck Ya!" I used that shotgun so much, I just about wore out that single shot 20 ga.  
David Nielson

Hello my name is David and I'm owner and founder of Nielson Slings. Im a proud Father of 4
and a husband.
I started hunting and fishing at the age of 4 and been doing it for along time I'm 31 years old.
I'm also a mechanic on atv's and motor cycles and vehicles.
My Hobbies are hunting,fishing,mechanics and teaching others and their Family's how to
hunt and fish and learn the outdoors as much as I can on my free time.
I currently have started up my own small business making things hand made out of Paracord
like for instance bow,gun,wrist slings and drags,dog leashes,necklaces,bracelets,key
chains,call lanyards and much more to come.

David Nielson