Youth Hunter ProStaff Ben Titus
My dad and I started calling when I was 10. My very first
stand ever was behind our house and ended up with a
triple coming hard at 5 minutes. I shot the lead dog and my
dad shot another one. Mine weighed 35 pounds. I don't
think we had a clue how lucky we were, as we have only
shot a handful of doubles and coyotes that weighed that
much. Needless to say, I was as hooked as hooked can get.

I started reloading during the same year, mainly our
22-250s. As time went by we advanced in techniques and
became more anal about the little things.

We used to be happy with 1" groups at 100, where as now,
we aren't really happy with our varmint rifles unless they
are .5 MOA or better. At the same time we started shooting

The combination of accurate rifles and our developing
shooting skills soon made a long 250 yard shot a surprise if
we missed. Just as our reloading and shooting skills
developed our calling skills also evolved.

Through trial and error we increased our called/killed
percentage greatly. We learned how to set-up, watch the
wind, call, move slowly, stop coyotes when we want to
shoot, and most importantly how to keep the coyote fever
down until after we broke our shot.

Our first year we killed 3 of 19 coyotes called. This last year
we killed 30 coyotes out of probably 45-50 called. This year
we have killed 7 out of 9 called.     
As for big game hunting, I haven't been as successful. I
killed my first deer, a small forked horn, when I was 12.
Since then I drew a bull elk tag that didn't get filled, and a
deer tag that didn't get filled either, because I was picky
and wanted something bigger than a forked horn.

That is the bio of my life. I would be honored if you would
accept me into your Youth Hunter ProStaff. Thanks for the
kind words as well.
My name is Ben Titus and I'm 15 years old.

I grew up in a Christian household. My dad is a Pastor at our local church,
and I've gone most Sundays.

I've always had good grades in school with a 4.0 every year that I can remember.
I played soccer for a couple years, but decided that it interfered with to much
hunting time.

I started shooting and hunting when I was around 4 or 5 years old.
My dad got me started shooting his old 10/22.  I mostly focused on hunting
rabbits and squirrels as a kid. I remember one time I shot a "trophy" squirrel
and brought it in to the house, which was full of my parent's friends.
Luckily everybody knew me well enough to not freak, ha-ha.

On occasion my cousin and I would practice our skinning skills on rabbits and
leave them to dry around the house after we washed them.
That didn't go over as well as the squirrel.
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2010 Riley Coyote Contest: 1st Place - Youth Division
2009 Riley Coyote Contest: 1st Place - Youth Division
2010 JMK Coyote Hunt: 5th Place
2009 JMK Coyote Hunt
2008 JMK Coyote Hunt

500 Yard Club - Varmint Hunters Association
1000 Yard Club - Varmint Hunters Association

2007 All State Musician - Trumpet - MS Band
2010 Honor Society Member