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July 1, 2011 Brendan and Gary Badger Hunt

Some of the indigenous
wildlife that lives in the
desert of Southwest Idaho.

up, I never had much interest in traditional sports involving some
guys chasing or fighting over some type of ball- either as a player
or spectator.

I know this may offend some people- and I hear I'm good at that.
The sports that I have been interested in were usually centered
around firearms. As a child, my dad used to bring me along to the
shooting range, gunshows, and the occasional hunting trip along
with plenty of deep sea fishing.

This upbringing had a direct effect on my current interests and
need for deep psychotherapy. In case anyone is wondering, I get
my unique name from my Irish mother and Italian father. Yes, it
was an interesting home in which to grow up. Any legislators
reading this might want to consider introducing a bill outlawing
such devious genetic activity. But I digress.

I received my first pellet gun and .22 starter rifle around the age of
8. I was immediately hooked.
Backyard bird hunting became a favorite pastime along with
forays into the acreage adjoining our home.

My neighbors absolutely loved this. Not. At about 12, I received
my first shotgun- a double barrel 20 ga. My dad then began taking
me on pheasant hunts around the Fresno, CA area. Shortly after
that I got a Remington 700 in .243 for a birthday present- a gun I
have to this day.

My first encounter with big game hunting was a hog hunt I went
on with my dad up around King City, CA. On that trip, although
plagued by insomnia from my dad's snoring, I managed to plug a
decent sized sow along with some quail and cottontail.

I eventually grew up and started my own family and continued
shooting and some hunting. Being on the tight budget of a
construction worker, and now a teacher, is what slowly evolved
into an interest in predator hunting.

Due to a bad habit of not wanting to be homeless and a desire to
buy groceries, I didn't use my money to finance Alaskan caribou
hunts, but I sure could afford a ten dollar hand call and enough
gas to take me out to the desert.

I first began predator hunting in the Mojave Desert of southern
California using a spotlight. Was it legal? I don't know, but the
statute of limitations has run out so who cares?

After my move to Idaho, it didn't take long to realize I was in a
hunter's paradise. Affordable big game hunting with an abundance
of predators keeps me busy.

While I continue to make my annual pilgrimage to deer camp with
some good friends to exchange the latest in toilet humor,
predator hunting has become something of an obsession with me
during the last three or so years. Coyote, fox , and badgers are all
I care about hunting anymore. (I purposely left bobcat off the list
because although they're on the itinerary, and I have called them
in, I have yet to shoot one).

Fortunately, many of the other three species have graciously
volunteered to stand in the gap. I now bring my own 9 year old
son, Charlie on many of these trips. A regular chip off the old

I live in Idaho with my beautiful and very tolerant wife Jessica.
Along with my two sons Jack, 10 (not a hunter) and Charlie, 9 ( a

I have been a teacher for the past 10 years. I hold a BS in Applied
Business and Management from Azusa Pacific University,
professional teaching credentials in both California and Idaho, and
a MA in Education from Boise State University.

I am an active member, and sit on the board of directors of the
Gem State Predator Hunter's Association.
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