Team TBO ProStaff Carl Weeks
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my soul.

I received my first rifle at the age of 12. It was a 30-30 Winchester
model 94 limited edition John Wayne Checkered stock. It was a
tradition in my family at the age in which we could hunt big game,
our twelfth birthday my parents bought us whatever rifle we
wanted and this is what I had my heart set on. I come from a
family that hunts for substance.

I would say my family hunts, and I am a hunter/outdoorsman. I
make this distinction simply because I spend more time every year
in the field than my older brother and parents combined.

Something I am very proud of is both my father and mother hunt
and enjoy the outdoors. My mom is a hunter’s education
instructor here in Idaho (although not at the time I earned mine).
When my dad could not take us hunting because he was working
to provide for us my mom stepped up and made it happen for us.
We got a lot of dirty looks from the male hunting contingent that a
woman was out hunting, but we loved it.

I have four things in this life that keep me going, God, my family,
hunting and fishing. This is what I live for. My wife might tell you I
live more for the hunting and fishing because I am gone a lot
doing what I love but she supports me in my endeavors and
NEVER questions my time spent outdoors.

My real passion in life is my wife and my 2 kids, they are what
brings the most meaning to me in this life. In fact one of the most
pride filled moments in my life happened this year when I took my
daughter on her first coyote hunting trip. It was fun because she
had been begging me to go and it was just her and her daddy. The
two days prior I was a kid in a candy shop and had a hard time
sleeping. My daughter went on her first elk hunting trip at the ripe
old age of 3 months, and my son and daughter hunted with me
last year during the deer season in which I killed my largest mule
deer to date.

This past year so far I have spent 80+ days in the field hunting and
fishing. I have been hunting big game with my family since I was 4-
5 years old. And have 20 years actual personal hunting
experience.  I have been hunting coyotes since about the age of

I was introduced to it by a scout leader whose family owns cattle
and they needed to regulate the coyotes. I started calling coyotes
8 years ago and love outsmarting one of the smartest and keenest
animals on the planet. I have been in hunting competitions and
fishing tournaments throughout the last 6 years. I have hunted
coyotes in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming,
Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma and South Dakota. South Dakota
being the only place I have not called in and killed a coyote.

I am an avid archery hunter and hope to harvest a coyote with my
bow in the future. I have also been published in an Idaho hunting
magazine, named “getting out” on two different occasions for
harvesting 2 of the biggest animals of my life.

Last year I harvested a 169 3/8 inch 5x6 mule deer and took a near
record book almost 7 foot Idaho black bear this last May. I won a
hunter’s photo contest with the black bear and 10 or 11 of my
photos have been featured on the founding editors hunting show
as well.

I have endeavored into the long range shooting ranks in the past 6
years and currently have 2 rifles set up to be 1K rifles. I have killed
elk out to 728 yards and deer as far as 520 yards (both laser
ranged).  I also currently have a mentor and friend continuing to
teach me long range practices, procedures and mechanics. He
has over 10 years of military, law enforcement training and
competition shooting under his belt.

All of these things are being brought to light and shared with you
because of Gary Mathews and his OUTLAW sling. I have thought
for the last few years about having something very similar and the
opportunities it would provide as well as the ease and comfort.

The Outlaw Sling is a one of a kind piece of ingenuity that can
enhance any hunting experience.  The first moment I saw it I knew
I had to have one and have been all in ever since.

Even before being a prostaff member for TBO I believed in the
product showed it to folks and was trying to push a product of
another fellow Idaho small business owner.

For carrying 2 guns into a stand for coyotes or for spot and stalk
hunting the OUTLAW SLING IS A MUST HAVE and am very excited
to be given an opportunity to join TBO’s prostaff team.
Hello! My name is: Carl Weeks

I have been married 10 years to a
wonderful woman who supports my
bad habit. We have two children, a 5
year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I
have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology
and a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation
earned at Utah State University.