Team TBO ProStaff Loren Lunsford
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early days of dinosaurs. My parents divorced when I was
neighbors to introduce me to hunting.

in next door, he was a Major in the Air Force, and lived to
call coyotes, foxes, and bobcats, he taught me all he

I entered the US Navy in 1970 and was discharged in ’74,
after my discharge, I returned to Arizona and restarted
my archery and firearms hunting.  Big game, quail, and
dove were my main pursuit, with calling predators
rounding out the year.
bunch of guys (Idaho Varmint Hunters) that enjoy
hunting varmints and predators as much as I do.

Gary being one of those guys approached me, asking if I
would be involved in his ProStaff. Having become a
close friend, I accepted! Informing him that I hoped I
could be a good representative of his products.

Gary said that at the young age of 61, I just might be
able to add a mature face to his products, thanks for not
saying elderly Gary.

I hope to continue to add to my knowledge in the future,
and be able to pass it onto the younger generations,
and continue to work at helping keep our hunting rights
and our ability to own and enjoy our firearms.
Loren A Lunsford
Loren's First Badger - Late Spring 2009
First Idaho Varmint Hunters Rockchuck Hunt - Summer 2010