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Earlier today, I finally received my new Outlaw sling from Timber Butte Outdoors and have to say that
if you fancy a hefty rifle like mine, this sling is a lot more comfortable than the conventional
over-one-shoulder model.

I'm not hunting these days, but took these pics to show the fit, front and back. My rifle totes at a sweet
12 pounds and change, so it's a bit heavier than most guys like. Personally, I prefer a gun that sits
solid in the sticks and since I tote a 25-30 pound mail satchel for about a dozen miles a day, the weight
isn't an issue with me.

The beauty of this sling is its ergonomic fit centering the weight of the rifle between your shoulders
and above your hips. The weight is distributed evenly across both shoulders, although I don't doubt
that the sling could be worn as easily over one shoulder.

If you do a lot of walking, or hunt uneven terrain and the rifle slipping off your shoulder repeatedly is
an issue, this might be worth taking a look.

I know, from personal experience, that there have been a number of times when I have knelt down to
look at a track or something else on the ground, to go low to avoid being seen, or to crawl under a
fence and, because of the way I turned to get down, have had my rifle slip off my shoulder and hit the
ground before I could catch it. I have nearly $1500 in that rifle and really don't want to see it banged up
if not absolutely necessary, and I can't think of a time it would be necessary.

In the case of this particular sling, I advised Gary when I ordered it that I was going to miss the shell
holders on my old sling (4 of them), and he was nice enough to set me up with holders on this one. I
am sure that for a nominal fee, he'd set you up as well.

I'll repost here with TBO web addy after Gary, the owner, has posted a link for MPH at his site, so if
interested, check back.

Also, be glad to post any close ups of particular features of this sling if you need more than these two

Alright boys,... let's CONSERVATE!!!
Hi Gary,
The slings showed up today and I am totally thrilled!!!! I cannot say enough positive things about your

I did modify one a little bit. I think I will do the other the same way.

I took the quick release and with the excess strap length adjustment, made a cross strap that runs
from the bottom of the shoulder strap over to the other one so it fits across my chest. With the quick
release,it's slick as heck plus I don't worry about a 16 lb rifle sliding off my back.

When I opened the box up I was a little skeptical how well everything would work. My feeling was
there was to many straps, they would hook on everything well after a heck of a afternoon I can assure
you that it is the BEST sling on the market bar none.

When I put it on, the barrel (27") comes even with the top of my head. This eliminates all the
"ducking"needed to get a longer barreled rifle around and through trees and such .The other thing that
says how well it would work is when I went through several doorways with the rifle on my back and
had no problems, heck I actually sat in a chair a couple of times,NO KIDDING!!!!!. Normally with a long
tube your constantly pushing the butt over to straighten the rifle up,with your set up you never worry
about it,just walk!!!! I just added the chest strap and went hunting.

The first place was a dead steer, there were 3 coyotes eating on it. Normally I crawl on my hands and
knees up behind a dirt bank with the rifle out in front of me held in one hand. With your sling I slithered
up on all 4's,never once did I worry about the rifle sliding off. The 223AI barked 3 times, 3 dead yotes.

Now our snow is past knee deep, tough slogging for sure, I went and hooked a drag on 2 with a single
on a second drag and stared skidding them back to the truck, one on 1 hand and 2 on the other with
the rifle safely riding on my shoulders.

My question to you,can you make the slings with a cross quick detach like I built???? I would gladly
pay extra.
I would like to thank you for a tremendous product Gary,it is without a doubt,one of the slickest
products that I have seen for a long while. It takes the worry out of packing the big, long range rifles
and saves your back as well.

Have a good evening
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By Sean Willis: (yellowhammer)
Administrator Predator Masters Forums.

I just got through trying one of these dudes out!

Very nice workmanship! The stitching and edges were nice, clean and neat.

I tried it out on my AR, and I was surprised at how well it worked. I was worried that it might not lay flat
against the back, but that was not the case.

I can see where this would be the ticket when packing your rifle all day over rugged terrain.

Excellent product.
From Larry: (berettaman)

I'll let you know when I get it and how I like it, actually can't wait because it is exactly the type sling I
need for my hunting. I like to pack a chair that folds because I can sit for long periods of time with
little movement and that sling will be ideal for me.
From azmastablasta:

I ordered 2 outlaw slings from Timber Butte Outdoors last week. I found the link here at P.M. After
looking at the website, I decided that they seemed to have hit on a good idea.

However, I have purchased so many slings over the years you could fill a rail car with them. Each one
I ever purchased left something to be desired. Well I received them promptly a few days later and
installed them on each of my AR's.

Yesterday I had the opportunity for a little field trial. They fit well and seemed to fit the bill when I tried
them at home but field use would tell for sure. I went north for the day to the pines to scout and
maybe even try a set or two. After considerable hiking around in the mountains I am convinced that
this is a winner of a product. It centers the rifle in your mid back area and firmly keeps it in place,
unlike any other sling I've ever used. It gives you the feeling that, that 11-12 pound rifle somehow lost
weight overnight. It was stunning how comfortable you become with the weight distributed over 2

When hiking through the woods it is sometimes necessary to duck down or twist to pass through
growth and the rifle stays in place. I could go on and on about this product but I don't want it to sound
like I get commission from these guys, because I don't. Guys do yourself a favor and check out this
product, I will never own any other sling again.

Too many times I've been misled by all the glossy BS and pictures regarding products. In my humble
opinion; you guys are the real deal and I'd like folks to know it. Now don't even ask about photos as I
can't hold a candle to Lungbuster's Lady or Sean either for that matter.

Here's a link

Predator Masters Member.
From kirby:

This rifle harness (Dawgbuster Sniper Sling)(DSS), you designed. Has met my expectations 100%, to
my style of hunting, [Spot/Stalking] predators. Which includes, walking, jogging, crawling & getting
low/prone, to shoot coyotes.
kirby - Predator Masters Member

I was researching different methods for carrying two long guns to predator stands when I ran across
the Outlaw Sling by Timber Butte Outdoors on one of the many forums I visit.

I sent Gary Mathews an email and he returned the email and answered my questions promptly. I
ordered a sling from Gary after a couple more emails, Gary made me a green sling with black
horizontal shot shell loops toward the top of each shoulder strap and one vertical shot shell holder
near the bottom of each strap for a total of eight loops.

These shell holders can also be used to hold some of your smaller mouth blown predator calls. I also
had Gary add the quick release method to the sling so I can use the sling on different guns.

I have an AR style rifle, a Mini 14, and a couple shot guns I plan to use at different times with this sling.
The Mini, the AR, and one of my shotguns have the military type non-removable sling swivels and by
attaching the quick release system to two or more of my guns.

I can change the sling back and forth with just a couple clicks of the buckles. The sling is priced quite
reasonably, has been well thought out during the design process, and I feel it will serve me well for
many years.

I now have a system of carrying a shot gun and a rifle to my stands easily. Using this sling, a gun can
be carried over heavy clothing, over or under a backpack, or over a t shirt.

The sling is so versatile you can’t go wrong by having one ore more.

Gary Mathews at Timber Butte Outdoors is good people and will treat you right.

Thank you for a useful product,
Rick Martin
Gary, got them yesterday!!  Thanks, very nice!!!  Do I need some sort of swivel for the rear (stock)
attach point?  Also, any tips for using a backpack with the sling?  Tried this AM works great with out
my pack, but with, kinda got lost trying to figure it out.  Carring rifle with the muzle in the up possition.  
Dude... these things are SWEET!!!!  Thanks!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I received your product today and couldn't be happier with the
quality. Thank you for your fine craftsmanship and attention to detail! I will soon be a repeat customer
and will make sure I recommend your sling to all my friends. By the way, I learned about your product
through the Predator Masters website forum.

THANKS AGAIN ...............GREGG
The new sling has arrived and I'd like to post my experience with it. The installation onto the rifle was
every bit as easy...if not easier...than Gary has described. Once I saw the sling in 3-D, it was a rare
moment of senior clarity on how it is mounted.

I have been looking for a way to carry heavy-barreled rifles comfortably and I think I have found it. The
padding on the sling is ample, and more importantly to me, the weight and balance is distributed
evenly on both of my aging shoulders. My previous attempts, including a single-point sling, didn't
work exactly right. I had to choose which shoulder to "sacrifice" when hunting. With all of my other
slings, even with a textured gripping surface, eventually they would slip down on my shoulder and
change my balance point. This hasn't happened with this sling and probably won't due to it's design.

I opted for the Quick-Release version, so the one sling can easily go from one gun to another.

The quality of the work is there, too, including the purchased items Timber Butte uses to make the

I cannot comment on the "sexy new hotness" aspect of it, I have no experience in that area.

Texas Predator Posse Member
I have one of Gary's slings and they are absolutely amazing quality. I can't ever see one wearing out.

It is also the best sling I have used for calling it will allow you to make long hikes and not even know
you have a gun with you.

If you don't have one of these you really need to get one. Last sling you will ever buy.

I just got a timberbutteoutdoors Outlaw Sling, Best sling I've ever had.
I hunt at night, I carry a lot of stuff, first time I haven't had to keep pulling my gun up on my shoulder
every 100 steps.
Gary the owner is great, he had a little mix up in postage, which was no big deal to me, took a extra
couple days, but he sent me a game carrier for the inconvenience. I would highly recommend his
Those are great. Both hands free and no more slipping off your shoulder. Pretty quick in getting it into


CitySlickerHunter has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "Need Your
Opinion - New Colors for Outlaw Sling".

I like ALL your camo patterns.  Since I have balance problem(brain tumor)I REALLY appreciate your
product.THANK YOU!!!!!!

The topic can be found here:
We got this coyote on our first trip to Eastern West Virginia with
two of your slings.

They worked great for toting around the heavy Savage
Model 12 Predator and my Mossberg 835.

Thanks again,   
I got the Outlaw Sling today and thank you very much!
"What an awesome product and company!

I have known Gary for a few years and can attest to his great character and skills in this field.
The Outlaw sling is all time favorite sling and I have three of them on my guns. If you are a
hiker or a two gun hunter then you need this sling! TBO will always deliver and the made in
the USA label tells you all!! "

Brent Reece
Freelance Outdoor Writer/Blogger/Digital Publisher
Timber Butte Outdoors,

GOT IT! It was sitting on my porch when I got home! It's presently on my AR in 6.5 Grendel! I've been walking around
the house & my yard since 3pm. It's awesome! Why didn't I find this years ago? I couldn't tell you how many scopes I
knocked off zero from those antique single slings.           

I'm ready for deer season!

Oh! I will be ordering another one in the Kryptek Highlander. I have an AR hydro-dipped in it. It will go perfect.

Thank you for everything!
Shawn Hill

Received sling today.  It is exactly what I expected.  Looks like it will work great.